Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Rivera wants to guarantee the neutrality of TV3 by law

Rivera quiere garantizar por ley la neutralidad de TV3

Ciudadanos considers, and has never hidden from it, that the Catalan public media, especially TV3, have played and play a decisive role in the independence process, besides marginalizing and mocking the non-independentist Catalans. In order to put a stop to this type of practices that in their opinion violate the basic principles of impartiality, the party led by Albert Rivera has included in the electoral programwhose draft has had access The vanguard, a series of measures control over public means of communication to guarantee its neutrality. Among them is the possibility of closing when they are economically deficit and accumulate important debts.

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The Cs program indicates that if they reach the central government "aWe will use the regional televisions to reduce unnecessary spending and to make sure that their contents do not serve to make ideological propaganda ". In this sense, the Liberal Party is committed to guaranteeing the "neutrality and plurality of public means of social communication, we will promote its self-financing and, where appropriate,We will promote the elimination of those that are manifestly unviable"

In the electoral program Cs also points out measures to "guarantee the independence and plurality of Spanish Radio Television" Such as to reinforce the procedure of contest to "avoid interested political blockades and we will assure theection of a new Board of Directors of RTVE formed by expert and independent professionals"

The programming of TV3 has been reason for criticism and confrontation in this legislature between the constitutionalist parties (Cs, PSC and PP) and the director of the chain, Vicent Sanchís which they accuse of partisanship and align themselves with separatist theses. But his confrontation with Cs has gone much further. Until the courts.

Sanchís, recently imputed by the 1-O, announced at the beginning of April in the Control Commission of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA) that who will argue against Albert Rivera for "slander, insult and incitement to hatred" after accusing the network of calling the opposition leader in Parlamet "puta", Inés Arrimadas.

To this announcement of the journalist, Rivera did not take in replicating him in the social networks: "Mr. Sánchís I have found out by means of communication that you are going away to file against me to say the truth. Because the truth is that a TV3 presenter insulted Inés Arrimadas, you scoffed at Enric Millo for donating a kidney to his wife, you called the extreme right to the organizers of the great constitutionalist demonstration of October 8th and you even burn constitutions on a TV3 set. " Days later to this message Rivera added a warning: "pray for Pedro Sánchez to follow"

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