Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Rivera visits Rentería on Sunday, fiefdom of the nationalist left, together with Savater and Pagazaurtundúa

Rivera visits Rentería on Sunday, fiefdom of the nationalist left, together with Savater and Pagazaurtundúa

The leader of Citizens and candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, visits this Sunday the Gipuzkoa town of Renteria, fiefdom of the nationalist left, to "vindicate the constitutional values ​​throughout Spain, in spite of who it weighs".

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Rivera will be accompanied by the philosopher and writer Fernando Savater, the candidate of Cs to the European Parliament Maite Pagazaurtundúa (UPyD) and the head of the list for the Balearic Congress. Joan Mesquida, former director general of the National Police and the Civil Guard.

This act, which will be held at 12.00 in the Plaza de los Fueros and is entitled "On the march for freedom", is part of the orange training will to defend "freedom, equality and union" in municipalities with a strong nationalist presence, such as Rentería, Alsasua (Navarra) or Amer (Girona), the hometown of former President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont.

The initiative "On the march for freedom", with which Cs seeks "to claim without complexes the equality of all Spaniards anywhere in the country, especially where it is more difficult to do it", presented by Arrimadas on March 23 in Vilafranca del Penedès , a municipality of Barcelona where Cs was the most independent non-independence party in the last Catalan autonomous elections.


In Renteria, however, the political landscape is very different from that of Vilafranca. There, EH Bildu was the most voted force in the municipal elections of 2015 - to which Cs did not attend - and in the 2016 regional elections. Julen Mendoza (Bildu), who arrived at the Mayor's Office in 2011, heads the City Council. after 28 years of socialist governments.

In addition, in this Gipuzkoa municipality, the last general elections were won by more than 37% of the votes, followed by the PSE, Bildu, PNV, PP and, lastly, Citizens, with only 3.4%.

The strength of the nationalist and independence parties and their partners in Renteria draws a political landscape similar to that of Alsasua. When Rivera visited this town in Navarra last November - also accompanied by Fernando Savater - to celebrate an act of support for the Civil Guard and claim Navarra's Spanishness, he had to do so escorted by a strong police device.

Some people insulted the participants in the act, among which there were leaders of the PP and Vox, and tried to boycott it to understand that it was a provocation. It was in a bar in Alsasua where two civil guards and their partners were attacked in 2016 by young people, who ended up being sentenced to between two and thirteen years in prison.


Despite the moments of tension experienced in Alsasua, Rivera defended this week the decision to go to Renteria. "Why do we go to Renteria? First, because we want to go to any town in Spain and because it is fundamental for freedom to move throughout the national territory, and second, because some gentlemen in Alsasua received us with stones because they say that you can not go to Navarre, "he said.

After asking "how many square kilometers and how many spaces of freedom" we have to "give in to nationalism in case they get angry", he affirmed that he wants a country where it is not necessary to be escorted to go to certain municipalities to "celebrate the Constitution and democracy" .

The president of Cs directly attacked those who "have been hitting headshots, killed officials, journalists, councilors" and their families - when the terrorist group ETA was active - and against those now from the institutions (Bildu) call " Nazis and fascists "to others.


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