Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Rivera says that the PP's ally is not the PNV but Citizens

Rivera says that the PP's ally is not the PNV but Citizens

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, today asked the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, to have a "sense of state" and to rectify because, he added, his ally is not the PNV but his political background.

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Rivera, who this Wednesday held a meeting with citizens in the capital of Tenerife, has insisted that he wants to "reach out" to the PP to govern after the April 28 elections "and send Sánchez to the opposition."

"I ask Casado to take the glove," said the leader of Cs, who has been convinced that the majority of voters of the PP want to add with Cs.

He has insisted that either Cs governs from the hand of the PP or if this party gets more votes, it will support Citizens.

"There is no other way," said Rivera, who has advocated a center government and told Casado that the seats the PP loses do not matter "but that we form a government."

In the act, Rivera has shown his support for the work of the Supreme Court in the trial of "procés", said to be against the pardon and has indicated that if the independence leaders are condemned "to serve their sentence until the last day."

He has stated that he is committed to respecting what the Supreme Court says and has defended the judicial bodies and public servants because they represent "the Spain in which I believe".

"A nation of nationalities is not the same as one of free and equal citizens," said Rivero, who said that if he wins the elections, his party will help all the family models and it will be the government of the entrepreneurs and " those who work. "

A government without aspirations and with an electoral law that, according to the example it set, allows "not having to put up with Rufián in the Congress".

In this regard, he has specified that he is willing to negotiate an electoral court of between three and five percent so that the nationalist parties "do not blackmail" and that a nationalist government "is not conditioned by a minority that wants to break Spain."

A law, has continued, to prevent the passage of Catalonia and, in this sense, has been convinced that neither the PP nor the PSOE can "do something different."

Rivero has referred to a national education plan to avoid "indoctrination" and to monitor what happens in schools and textbooks as well as a new subject that is the Spanish Constitution.

In his opinion, nationalism is bothered by the truth and education "is the best weapon to build citizenships."


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