July 27, 2021

Rivera says that Podemos in Madrid is the gang of Pancho Villa and bet that the mayor will be between Carmena and Villacís

Rivera says that Podemos in Madrid is the gang of Pancho Villa and bet that the mayor will be between Carmena and Villacís

So Rivera has valued the fact that the spokesman of the City of Madrid, Rita Maestre, and five other councilors have withdrawn from the primaries of Podemos Madrid. According to sources of the general secretary of We can, with Julio Rodriguez to the front, these leaders "prefer not to repeat of the hand of We can happening through primaries".

"There is good news for those who do not like the mayoress of Podemos, and is that Citizens can lead an alternative," Rivera said in an interview on Telecinco, collected by Europa Press, alluding to the surveys that place Citizens and PP with a mayor more than the sum of Podemos and PSOE.

According to the 'orange' leader, the electoral contest in Madrid will be between Ciudadanos and Podemos, as well as in Barcelona and Valencia. What, in his opinion, shows that in the urban capitals the bipartisanship is weak and "the debate is different".


On the details of the civic platform with which the former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls will be presented to the municipal in Barcelona, ​​Rivera has emphasized that Ciudadanos supports the "best candidate" and has defended that to win the current mayor, Ada Colau, or to ERC is necessary to "agglutinate and add".

This has removed iron to the "legal formula" used for the candidacy of Valls, noting that the party 'orange' has the will to "unite and win." Thus, it has charged against PSC and PP that for the moment have refused to integrate into the platform.

Rivera has ensured that if Valls wins and becomes mayor, it will be a "novelty" for an alderman from Barcelona to speak well of Spain, as opposed to Colau "who goes with the yellow ribbon hung".


With regard to the possibility of Artur Mas returning to the first political line presiding over the National Crida, a political independence movement, Rivera has pointed out that the expresident of the Generalitat is "disqualified" from doing politics.

He recalled that Convergence was condemned as a party by the case of corruption of 3 percent and that the Catalan expresident has been forced to return the money from public funds used for the sovereignist consultation of 9N.

"If it is presented and they support it, it would show that in nationalism they do not care about corruption and that someone misuses public funds", he assured, censured that Mas's trajectory "has no cost" for a possible return.


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