Rivera rejects the "guerracivilismo" because he does not see "enemies" on the left or the right, only "compatriots"

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has bet on Thursday to leave the "guerracivilismo" between the left, the right and the center, promote the union around the "constitutional values" and learn from the politicians who elaborated the Magna Carta in 1978, who "shook hands in spite of being very different". Thus, he pointed out that he does not see "enemies" from the center neither on the left nor on the right, but only "compatriots".

"It is not a moment of war, of red and blue, of confrontation, it is the moment of addition, of uniting the Spaniards" in "a common Spanish project," he declared in the Congress during the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Constitution.

Noting that the Constitution has given Spain "40 years of welfare, peace and freedom" and that it was approved because the politicians of that time were able to "overcome the division", Rivera has urged all politicians to "look to the future" and not "fight over the past", and has defended that Spaniards are not "good or bad" depending on where they are located in the ideological spectrum.

"I do not see enemies in those who are left-wing or right-wing when I'm center, I see compatriots who can think differently but we have to shake hands on important issues for Spain," he stressed, adding that "the main threats" today in day "they do not have to do with those labels", but with "the policies and the constitutional values".

"We must unite around the constitutional values: equality, solidarity, freedom and union", and for this "we need more serenity than ever, desire to add and seek consensus", instead of "looking for differences", he has defended.

Regarding the reform of the Constitution, the president of Cs has indicated that at this time "there is no consensus like that of 78" and that for it to exist, the PSOE would have to position itself as a "constitutionalist" party together with the PP and the orange formation.

According to Rivera, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has installed the PSOE in the "sanchismo" and has decided to "break the majority of constitutionalism". But he believes that in the future, in the next legislature, there could be a two-thirds majority in Congress that can debate and agree on what issues need to be reformed.


Citizens demand measures of "democratic regeneration" such as the suppression of political measures, the modification of the electoral system or the reform or the closure of the Senate.

Likewise, it advocates to guarantee the equality of all Spaniards in the access to health, education and dependency services, regardless of where they live, and in the autonomic financing, as detailed by Rivera, who has also indicated that the objective of any reform should not be "fragment more, but unite".

The leader of Cs considers that the most important thing now is to "defend and apply" the Magna Carta, since there are places where "it is not easy to vindicate it" and it is not easy to exhibit the symbols of the State or "to be a public servant". For this reason, he has expressed his gratitude to those officials, politicians and citizens who defend the Constitution every day "in all parts of Spain", especially in Catalonia after the "coup d'état" of 2017.


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