Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Rivera puts "Pablo Tired" at the center of his attacks

Rivera pone en el centro de sus ataques a “Pablo Cansado”

After stopping the flight of votes towards Vox with the announcement that they will not agree on a future government with Pedro Sánchez, thus determining that its electoral space for 28-A is among those who want the socialist leader outside Moncloa, Albert Rivera has decided to put at the center of its attacks to Pablo Casado. Citizen strategists, who have the mission of convincing a million undecided voters of the center in these two weeks, believe that the candidate of the Popular Party and his team have arrived "deformed and very weak" to the electoral campaign, hence its "errors and outbursts of tone" on issues such as abortion or the lowering of the minimum wage interprofessional.

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In Cs expect with this strategy of harassment and demolition to Casado convince the former orange voters who are weighing in color of their future ballot -According to the CIS, only 41% of its voters in 2016 have already decided that they will do it again- and also capture new support among the more moderate and centrist voters of the PP. Build the story that a third way between Sanchez and Casado is possible and represents Citizens.

"There is a perception that Casado does not measure up and that Rivera is much more reliable than the popular one," Cs sources point out to explain his strategy. Remember in this sense that Rivera - who will travel more than 19 thousand kilometers in this campaign- is much better valued in polls by the center-right voter than Married, an advantage that they want to get the most out of giving an image of "modernity and centrism".

The decision to attack Casado -Regarding Vox, the strategy is not to talk about them and avoid entering into their "populist dialectic""- has been clear with two of the first campaign videos released by Cs. The first pulls a football scene. Two friends talk in the locker room and one recognizes that he does not yet know who to vote for, whether to Casado or Rivera. The other friend then replied that the leader of Cs because that "does not wrinkle", as demonstrated in Catalonia, while the PP, who calls "Pablo Tired", is "hiding in the locker room" just at the moment when "we have to be all rowing to one to throw Pedro Sanchez this".

Highlight the moderate and progressive profile

But also the Cs campaign videos are focus on social issues discussed in recent weeks to get away from the "more conservative" profile of Casado and offer a "moderate and progressive" alternative. So for example in one of the videos remember how the leader of the PP has assured on television that if he governs is not going to push a law of Euthanasia. Seconds later, Rivera appears, asking him to "rectify and reflect" and underlining that will legislate to guarantee a "dignified and palliative death" and also a "law of euthanasia"

That profile more moderate it has begun to be noticed in the first campaign speeches. Rescuing the forcefulness with which he expresses himself when referring to the Catalan independence movement, Rivera has advocated avoiding the confrontation between "reds and blues" with debates of the "past" such as the remains of Franco or the possibility of modifying the law of abortion. To this message will be added today a decalogue and proposals, the orange commitment with the Spanish, with which Rivera wants to delve into his intention to be a third way between PP and PSOE. Among other reasons because, as the CIS has pointed out, it has at least 10% of voters that could end up going with the Socialists.

The great obsession
of Rivera for 28-A is be decisive in the formation of Government, either with the PP as the liberal leader prefers, or determining the future Socialist Executive. What would be fatal for the interests of Cs is that they stay in no man's land, without being able to influence and exercise the role of hinges. They will achieve their purpose if on election night their results are at least 17% of the total votes. It will not be easy to admit in the formation of Rivera that, as happens to the PP and the PSOE, is unable to gauge the true strength of Vox at the polls.

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