Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Rivera promises to "roll up" to unlock and claimed as a hinge

The candidate of Cs to the Government, Albert Rivera, has assured that it is not so important the seats that each party takes out but what they are for and has promised to decide what the Spaniards decide, the 11N will "roll up" to form a government, in this case with the PP, or to "unlock Spain".

Four days after the elections, Rivera has emphasized an informative breakfast in which what matters most to him is to be an "essential actor" beyond the deputies that Cs can get, referring to the polls, which predict an important fall of the party orange.

In this way, the leader of Cs returns to the idea that the party can be key or decisive to avoid another electoral repetition, an idea that rejected the 28A when they could join the PSOE.

In this new scenario that will be raised on November 10, he has affirmed that what matters most to him is what he can do with the seats that the Spaniards give him and, in this sense, he has explained that his plan A is a PP government and Citizens, "which is desirable," but if they do not get the necessary arithmetic then they will do their part to unlock the legislature.

"If we do not have a majority, we cannot get angry and not breathe, the difference between Casado, Vox and I is that I am willing to work in the government and in the opposition," he stressed.

He is the only candidate, he pointed out, that "with bare chest" he has told the Spaniards what he is going to do with his votes: "The bravest thing right now is to reach over your shoulder and unlock the country."

He believes, according to him, that agreements can be reached between different ", advocating, if possible, by an Executive with the PP" with liberal dyes and not agree with the nationalists. "

On his political future in the event that the polls confirm the debacle predicted by the polls, Rivera has said he did not enter politics "neither for a seat nor to have a business card" but because he loves his country, but, in In any case, he has assured that he will not be "a problem for Spain or for Citizens", but the solution.

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