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Rivera insists that "throwing Sanchez is a matter of State" and asks the PP to "make no mistake as a rival"

Rivera insiste en que “echar a Sánchez es cuestión de Estado” y pide al PP que “no se equivoque de rival”

Command extended to Casado to send Sánchez to the opposition. With this starting point you are facing Citizens the electoral pre-campaign for the general elections on April 28. Idea in which the president of the orange training, Albert Rivera, has insisted again Monday in the round of interviews to the candidates in the news of Antena 3. "Sanchez has become an obstacle and throw it is a matter of State, I am tired that Torra, Puigdemont and Rufián decide what the government does ", Have been the first words of a Rivera that before it has praised the importance of" making a Cs-PP government ".

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An executive that both parties see with good eyes, but in which they disagree about their pilot: "I ask Casado not to be mistaken as a rival, Cs is not the adversary, we send Sanchez to the opposition and to be the Spaniards in the polls that decide who the president is. "

Albert Rivera

It marks distances with Vox, although it slides that if those of Abascal are decisive they will have to wonder which government they prefer

However, it is likely that in this equation a third actor takes the lead: Vox. After the Andalusian formula -a PP-Cs executive supported by his inauguration for the formation of Abascal-, Rivera wanted to mark distances with Vox: "It is an ultraconservative party that proposes ideas that I can not share and that are very far from a liberated party. as Cs. " However, and in the view that the seats of the ultra-rightist formation are essential, the president of Cs states that "Abascal will have to ask if he prefers a government of Sánchez and the independentistas, or another of Cs and PP".

So clear is the bet of Cs that Rivera, when talking about the signings he has made for the orange training lists, has ventured to slip that "Inés Arrimadas could be a great vice president, Marcos de Quinto a great minister of Industry and Edmundo Bal a luxury as Minister of Justice ".


Rivera has indicated that if he is president he will send a request to Torra to ask him if he will abide by the Constitution and, if not, he will apply the 155

The former lawyer of the State is, precisely, for Rivera, an authoritative voice to talk about the trial of the you procés. A case in which he has again demanded that it be clear that there will be no pardons: "I promise to respect what the Supreme Court says, no more, no less, given that if they are convicted it will be because the court sees crimes." "Why can separatists break the law?" Rivera asked himself. "I do not feel sorry that someone commits a crime, what I feel sorry for are the victims. I tell the nationalists that I will not give you any water, because you wanted to destroy this country for 40 years, "he added.

In addition, the leader of Cs has also ratified his idea to propose the application of Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia. Thus, after listing a series of grievances such as "cut roads, indoctrination in schools or yellow ties in public buildings," Rivera explained that if he is president he will send a request to the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, "to ask him if will abide by the Constitution. " "If he says no, we will apply 155," he concluded.


Put the focus on the birth rate to make pensions sustainable

On the economic level, Rivera has focused on pensions. "We have to tell the truth, if we continue like this, we will not be able to pay pensions," he said, adding that he does not throw in the towel - "unlike Casado." His plan is to go for an ambitious birth program in which families with two children are already considered a large family. "There is no use fighting for a euro if we do not look at the root problem," he explained.

Also in an economic sense, Rivera has been faithful to his program and has advocated lowering taxes. "Up the rates slows the economy, what you have to raise is the collection, create wealth, help entrepreneurs and attract companies," has settled.

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