October 22, 2020

“Rivera had no counterweight nearby, he did and undid”

Xavier Pericay, founder and member of the Directorate of Citizens until last July, considers that one of the problems that contributed to the electoral “hit” of November is that his then leader, Albert Rivera, “had no counterweight nearby, he did and undid what he thought. “

“He did not have a group of people who would oppose him, which is what a political leader needs,” but he surrounded himself with a team that “corroborated what he said,” and when Citizens’ strategy “began to derail, someone had to stop the train, and nobody stopped it, “he told Efe Pericay, who on Monday publishes the memoirs about his years in the executive of Citizens and as a spokesman for the party in the Balearic Islands.

In “Let’s go? A season in politics”, Pericay (Barcelona, ​​1956), speaks “of the good and the bad, especially in 2019” of the resigned leader of the Orange Party, who professes “respect” and “admiration “for his talent and political intuition, qualities that, in his opinion, did not look in his last stage,” unfortunately for him, for the party and for Spain “.

In the dome of “a hypercentralized, vertical party out”, Rivera and his closest circle imposed a strategy totally contrary to “trying, at least, to reach an agreement with the PSOE” after the April elections, to ” do not even a threat, “and in the elections of November Citizens sank and its leader ended up resigning.

“It is the blow of a political force that was betting on the center, for moderation, for reaching agreements with constitutionalist parties … It has been very bad for the politics of this country, and for living together,” explains Pericay .

Of Inés Arrimadas, he emphasizes that he has a profile very similar to that of Albert “, his” reference “, and considers it” the best candidate that the party has to preside over it and, above all, to be the image that embodies it in the coming months or years. “

“But Albert was also the best candidate a year ago and instead what happened happened. If the structure of the party does not change in the general assembly it can be repeated,” says the former Citizen leader, who expresses his fear that “the team that there is around Inés and the manager who has created what they want is to perpetuate the model. “

“The only explanation they give to what happened is what they call a strategy error, which there was, but the problem is that that strategy error the party had no internal mechanisms to counter it,” he says.

In his opinion, Citizens have to overcome “hyper leadership” to favor participation in decision-making and facilitate greater control of their “sphere of responsibility” to the territorial organizations of the party.

Regarding his book, which he will present at public events in Madrid (February 28), Palma (March 3) and Barcelona (March 11, Pericay explains that he has told “what he had to tell, without a clipper, with names and surnames , and sometimes there are things that are not very pleasant for the person who is quoted. “


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