Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Rivera denies that Ciudadanos is responsible for Sanchez can govern with support of independentistas

Rivera denies that Ciudadanos is responsible for Sanchez can govern with support of independentistas

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, said Monday that sending the opposition to the president of the government and PSOE candidate to the Moncloa, Pedro Sanchez, is "a matter of state", and has denied that Cs, for his refusal to agree with the PSOE, be responsible for Sanchez end up governing with the support of the independence parties.

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"Sanchez has become an obstacle, a problem for Spain", and that is why "it is a matter of State to get rid of the Government", he declared in an interview on Antena 3, collected by Europa Press, when he was asked if he discards totally a pact of Citizens with the socialists.

In his opinion, the PSOE candidate "has legitimized" the separatists, "has governed with them, has sat down to negotiate unacceptable conditions, has promised them pardons" and "seems to accept a referendum of independence" in Catalonia.

To the question of whether the orange formation could reach an agreement with the Socialists to force them to change their approach to the Catalan question, Rivera has answered that the problem is that he does not trust Sanchez because he has seen how he has delivered to the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, "the keys of the country".

However, he has denied that the Citizen to Sanchez veto means throwing the PSOE into the arms of separatism. "I do not know if any Spanish will think that I am responsible for governing the independence," he said, showing himself convinced that no one will believe that he allows to govern those parties.


The leader of Cs has returned to extend the hand to the PP to govern together after the general elections of April 28, forming an Executive "of change, led from the center and liberal" that "defends the Constitution in all the territories of Spain" .

As indicated, it is more important to make that alternative majority possible than to determine who the president, vice president or ministers should be.

As for the role of Vox, he said that it will be necessary to see how many seats he gets in Congress and then he will have to decide "if he will allow Sanchez's inauguration or if he will allow Ciudadanos and the PP to govern."

Although he has refused to make "a ranking of constitutionalism" that says if Vox is more constitutionalist than the PSOE, Rivera has described it as a "populist" and "ultraconservative" formation and has advocated "not giving it more prominence."


Finally, the leader of the orange party has returned to attack the President of the Government for his attitude towards the Catalan independence movement: "I will not do as Sanchez", asking them if they need "pardons, more competitions or more money, I'm not going to give no water because they have destroyed this country for 40 years. "

He also assured that if he is president, he will make a written request to Torra, under Article 155 of the Constitution, to ask him if he is going to enforce the Magna Carta. "If he says no, I'll apply the 155, and if he says yes, I'll watch him do it," he added.

In his opinion, there are reasons to resort to this measure, among which he has mentioned the "indoctrination" of students in schools or the exhibition of ideological symbols in public buildings.


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