September 22, 2020

Rivera criticizes PP, PSOE and Podemos for agreeing "a finger" appointments in CGPJ

Rivera criticizes PP, PSOE and Podemos for agreeing "a finger" appointments in CGPJ

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, today criticized the PP, the PSOE and We can for having agreed to appoint "by finger" to the members of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), a "change of trading cards" in the that his party "will not participate."

"At the Alcalá headquarters (Madrid street where the party headquarters are located), no judges are appointed," said Rivera, who pointed out that "nothing has changed" in terms of political participation in the configuration of the CGPJ except that "for the first time" has been given space to "the populists".

According to the leader of Citizens, the three parties have reached an agreement that will allow them to "place their people" and that will enable "populists" to be "decisive" in the CGPJ, which will be "bad for Spanish justice" "

"The judges must be able to work without pressure," said Rivera, who advocates reforming the regulations of the CGPJ so that only judges choose "by universal suffrage" to their representatives in this body.

This "different" model claims that "in no party headquarters will be appointed judges" and that justice "gain confidence" and awaken "zero suspicions", and also adjust, according to the president of Citizens, the "reports" to with respect to the Council of Europe.

Rivera has also ruled that PP, PSOE and Podemos show "fight in public" and then have "pastries in private," and has demanded that they explain "how the judges are distributed."

The mandate of the twenty vowels of the CGPJ, of five years, expires next December 4. Their substitutes must be chosen by the Cortes -two between judges and magistrates and eight from jurists of recognized competence- by a three-fifths majority of the chambers.


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