Rivera believes "compatible" maintaining contracts with Saudi Arabia and respecting "human rights" but does not explain how

Rivera believes "compatible" maintaining contracts with Saudi Arabia and respecting "human rights" but does not explain how

Albert Rivera believes that it is "compatible" to maintain the contracts that Spain has signed with Arabi Saudí to sell war material and at the same time demand and respect compliance with Human Rights in that country. "Our party is in agreement" with the Government before this dilemma has said Rivera but it has not explained how both things can be conjugated.

Rivera, yes, has demanded that Sanchez "clarify what is his position" before this dilemma, if "the Mrs. Robles" who said that you could not go ahead with this type of trade with countries that violate human rights, or that of Sánchez himself, who now defends maintaining it.

"You politically killed the defense minister when she denied it," I snapped, so she asked him "what does Mrs. Robles still do sitting in that chair?" In Rivera's opinion, the PSOE's own government is the one that "has mounted all this mess" among themselves, without any coordination in the matter. "They go like chicken without a head," he said.

Afterwards, he invited Sánchez to open a debate on the sale of weapons and how these contracts can be conditioned, for example with special clauses.

The leader of Citizens has used his reply to the president in the European debate to return to claim for the umpteenth time general elections before the disastrous panorama that has painted his administration at the head of the Government. Not only nationally but also in international and European politics.

But he has accused Sánchez's commitment to maintain his alliance with "populist and nationalist" partners that even coincide in anti-European positions with a party like Salvini's far right in Italy. "Do not follow the theses of your partners, it's outrageous."

One of the examples that has put has been the disastrous decision of Cameron in England to approve the Brexit, something that in his opinion has had terrible consequences. "Why does it go hand in hand with those who want to liquidate Europe?" A question to which he himself has responded. "As long as it is a quarter of an hour more in Moncloa, it is capable of allying itself with the enemies of Europe".

During his speech, Rivera has left nothing in the pipeline and has accused Sánchez of not caring about anything that violates human rights in certain countries such as Venezuela or Cuba. "Human rights do not go through neighborhoods," Rivera has snapped at Sánchez, to demand later that he say what his position will be when he goes to Cuba. "Are you going to defend human rights there, yes or no?", Are you going to meet with political dissidents, yes or no? "He asked.

Rivera has finally asked Sánchez, and more specifically the PSOE, to "rectify" and seek as allies to the "constitutionalist" parties because "the Franco-German axis needs a strong partner, a strong Spain that is not in the hands of the They want to break Spain and they do not believe in Europe. "

"When you return to constitutionalism and Europeanism, we will wait for you," Rivera said.


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