July 24, 2021

Rivera asks that textbooks be monitored to avoid indoctrination

Rivera asks that textbooks be monitored to avoid indoctrination

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has called on the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to "monitor" the content of textbooks to avoid indoctrination and has asked its owner, Isabel Celaá, to supervise what "happens in the classrooms" giving more resources to the High State Inspection. "If we are not here to monitor textbooks, what is the Ministry of Education for?" Said Rivera on Monday, October 8, at an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid, where he complained that there are only "two people" in Catalonia "to control what the separatists do in the classrooms".

"A country that does not care about what happens in the classrooms has no future," said Rivera, who has claimed "mechanisms to respect the Constitution" and study Spanish throughout the national territory since, according to the leader of Citizens, "in Spain there are many schools where you can not study Spanish or study as a foreign language when it is the majority language".

During the Europa Press breakfast, Rivera has also defended a "unique selectivity" in all the autonomous communities as proof of students' access to the university. "How are we going to evaluate in a global world if there is no way to evaluate in the same way in the autonomous communities?", He asked during his speech, accusing Celaá of not "daring" to coordinate a single test in the whole country .


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