May 27, 2020

Rivera asks PSOE and PP written agreement to win who wins the 10N all collaborate

The leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has demanded that the PSOE and the PP sign "a written commitment" before the elections of November 10 so that "whoever wins" in the elections "all row in the same direction and that the opposition count. "

A commitment he has put on the table at an informative New Economy Forum breakfast one week after announcing that Citizens lifted the veto to the PSOE, after holding it for seven months.

As he has said, if he wins the elections, he will call Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado at night to ask for the investiture support "so that there is a government in a month and that the opposition also gets involved in the country's governance, and if the victory belongs to his adversaries he has also committed himself to facilitate the unlocking.

"An exercise in patriotism is believing in the Spaniards and putting this country in motion," Rivera stressed, insisting that there can be no other institutional blockade and that is why he will defend this state solution throughout the campaign to avoid eventual third elections.

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