Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

River - Boca: EL PAÍS prepares extensive news coverage for the final of the Libertadores | sports

River - Boca: EL PAÍS prepares extensive news coverage for the final of the Libertadores | sports

THE COUNTRY will offer a wide informative display this weekend on the occasion of the return match of the final of the Copa Libertadores which will be played at the Santiago Bernabéu between River Plate and Boca Juniors. On Sunday, the paper edition will publish 12 pages where all the angles of this meeting will be analyzed. There will be articles of Jorge Valdano, Alfredo Relaño, Enric González Y Ezequiel Fernández Moores, among others. On the occasion of this appointment, the usual article by Jorge Valdano, from the section The infinite game, It moves from Saturday to Sunday. Similarly, the Memories in black and white by Alfredo Relaño advance their publication one day, from Monday to Sunday.

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In addition to the last sports hour of both sets, readers will be able to read and watch on video an extensive talk between the writer Martín Caparrós and the coach Angel Cappa. EL PAÍS has also interviewed Fernando Cáceres, the former Boca and River player (with a long career in Spain) that in 2009 was shot several times by a group of criminals who tried to steal the vehicle.

All these articles will be available in the EL PAÍS digital edition, as well as a chart that will analyze the history of the two entities. In addition, on the web will start a live coverage at 10.00 on Sunday (Spanish peninsular time, 6.00 in Argentina) from all the information points: fan zone Boca and River, the center of Madrid and the airport, among other places, with special monitoring of the security device deployed by the police in the city to avoid clashes between both hobbies. There will also be a broad video presentation throughout the day, with three own direct points, connections from the places of concentration of the hobbies, and signal both from Madrid and from Buenos Aires.

From two hours before the game, which will start at 8:30 pm on Sunday, the journalists from the Sports section will analyze and narrate everything that happens on the lawn of the Santiago Bernabéu and its surroundings. The subsequent celebrations, in Spain and in Argentina, of a unique duel will also be covered.

Before, this Saturday we premiered a podcast in EL PAÍS about the history of the rivalry between the two Argentine clubs and their hobbies.

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