River and Boca win in their last league games in Argentina before the final of the Copa Libertadores | sports

River and Boca win in their last league games in Argentina before the final of the Copa Libertadores | sports

In his last matches for the Argentine Superliga before traveling to Madrid to define the Copa Libertadores, River and Boca seemed to agree with him this Sunday Martin Fierro, the greatest literary work of the gaucho genre, whose most famous verse warns: "If between brothers they fight, the outsiders devour them". While Boca's coach, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, turned the page when asked about the final outside the country – "I would have liked to play in Argentina but you have to accept, accept and play," said his colleague from River, Marcelo Gallardo, considered the measure of the Conmebol as "a total shame": "We stole the location."

During an inconsequential match against Gymnastics, which River won 3-1, the Monumental acted as an open forum against the Conmebol, the country's president, Mauricio Macri -expresident of Boca between 1995 and 2007-, and the club's own club. Through flags and songs, the fans shouted their opposition to the move to Santiago Bernabéu. His reasons were several: not only because most of them, club members, can not be present ("they gave my place in the Monumental to a subscriber of Real Madrid", said a sympathizer), but because they also consider it a sports disadvantage . Boca played on his court, only with a local audience, the final that ended 2-2.

The opinion of Macri

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, also referred to the controversial meeting at the Bernabéu during the G-20 summit: "It was a very hard day, we have to reflect on why these things happen to us. Some violent people who throw stones at a collective, the violent ones who spit at a person they have beside them, that seems unacceptable to me What happened at the entrance to the River confectionery with the international football authorities is much more serious than what It happened on the street. "

"Jugalo en River!", It ran all night in the grandstands, in reference to the final on Sunday marketed in Madrid, while on the lawn a game was played that was forgotten as it was played. The flags were turned around as a sign of rejection of the decision of the Conmebol. "The final is played here or nowhere," said one. "In River or nothing, the feeling is not negotiated," agreed another. "Mouth can fall lower?", Asked a third.

"The final is at home. Put it in your ass. Conmebol = mercenaries. MMLPQTP ", closed another one, with the initials of one of the songs of protest against President Macri, in this case pointed by the fans of River for the security operation on Saturday 24, the day on which the final was to be played. The failures of prevention that left the collective of Boca defenseless to receive the stones that broke their glass and injured several of their players were so primary that they left open a huge terrain to the suspicions.

In his row, River fans even dared something that is often seen and heard every so often in the stadiums in Argentina: demonstrations against the brave bar of his own club. "Ohhh, let's all go, let not a single one", sang different sectors of the Monumental against "The Drunkards of the Board".

Gallardo, the River coach that his fans idolize as a guru, showed his anger at the post-match press conference. After a general diagnosis of the incidents – "We will remember this as a total shame," he said, "pointed to the sale of the headquarters that closed the Conmebol:" We lost the location, they robbed the fans. It is a total shame. I feel the same indignation that genuine fans. " When asked how he would make his players not lose attention, Gallardo replied, as if he were biting his teeth: "It's Mouth, Mouth, Mouth."

Boca also won this Sunday, 0-1 against Independiente as a visitor, but without the presence of their public. As in the vast majority of Super League matches, only local fans could go to the stadium that is curiously called Libertadores de América. What was not so curious is that also supporters of Independiente pointed against Conmebol. Avellaneda's team felt handicapped by arbitration errors in their quarter-final crossing of the Copa against River and took advantage of Boca's visit to hang flags: "Corrupt Conmebol".

Beyond the formality declared by Barros Schelotto, that the Boca players have not made other statements responds to the strategy of the club's lawyers. Boca believes that they should not play the final because, according to their legal interpretation, the incidents of which their players were victims at the arrival to the Monumental were similar to those that occurred in the round of the 2015 Libertadores, when Boca fans sprayed with pepper gas to River players. At that time, Conmebol ended the series in favor of the millionaires. To lose in Madrid on Sunday, Boca would go to the TAS.

River will travel this Tuesday at 23.00 (local time) to Madrid. Boca will do it two hours later, on Wednesday at 1:00 (also local time). In the Spanish capital they will be located 30 kilometers away: River in Valdebebas and Boca, in Las Rozas. But the longest final in the world still has several chapters and the Argentine press showed its misgivings about what may happen with the fans on the planes, on the way and on the way back. The little difference between the trip of both teams, which is presumed to be fired by the fans, will be another challenge for the safety of two teams that every minute that passes the reason to Martin Fierro: brothers fought and devoured by outsiders.

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