Rivas asks for justice so that her children do not see her being "beaten" and punished

Juana Rivas has today collected the sentence that sentenced her to five years in prison for two crimes of child abduction, a formality that will allow her to appeal "soon" the ruling and after which she has asked for justice to prevent her children from learning that mother first "beat her" and then punish her.

Rivas, also sentenced to six years without the parental rights of her two minor children, has arrived at the Criminal Court 1 in Granada after eleven o'clock in the morning from Italy, where she has been with her children and has attended the hearing to decide on the custody of children.

To questions from journalists, this neighbor of Maracena (Granada) has called for a solution "as soon as possible" and, visibly tired and excited, has acknowledged that it is going through a "very bad" week.

"It can not be that after this man I continue to hurt on a legal level," Rivas has interpreted, who has announced that his lawyers will "shortly" appeal a condemnatory sentence that she has not wanted to read.

Juana Rivas, who left for Sardinia in August to enjoy a permit with her children, who live in Italy with her father, Francesco Arcuri, has reiterated her confidence in finding justice in Spain or elsewhere because the greatest harm is for the minors

"My children can not have this learning that mother was beaten, the same thing is happening and very strong things, and punish mom, that is not justice and we will not allow it," stressed Rivas, who recalled that Many people support their cause.

Rivas has explained to journalists' questions that she is just a mother who fights for her children and who will continue to do so for her children and "for all the Juanas."

He has also criticized that, although the Justice has means and weapons, do not lend aid and let the cause be "a circus".

"I will pick up the sentence with great dignity and keep fighting until this goes ahead and my children have peace, which is what they deserve", said this mother, who hopes to know shortly the Italian pronouncement on the custody of the two minors and "justice be done."

Esperanzada, has hoped that the "tragedy" will end soon and has announced that this week will be his lawyer, José Estanislao López, who details the following judicial steps.

Juana Rivas has collected in person the notification of the sentence that sentenced her to five years in prison and six of disqualification for the parental rights of her two children for remaining unaccounted for with them for almost a month in the summer of 2017.

The court had set this procedure for the past September 5, although the notification was delayed at the request of his lawyer, since she has been until yesterday in Italy, where she has spent the holidays with her children in Sardinia.


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