April 14, 2021

Ritmo, the fintech that finances the growth of ecommerce



Fintech Rhythm proposes a faster and more agile financing model for ecommerce based on the data of your marketing campaigns. This Spanish fintech is reinventing the way e-commerce is financed and grows in southern Europe.

Ecommerce has been one of the main protagonists of 2020. Only in January 79% of Spaniards made some type of online purchase. A large part of ecommerce and other digital businesses need financing to accelerate their growth and until now they did not have a 100% option adapted to their needs.

The fintech Ritmo was born to support online businesses with a data-driven financing model, which seeks to turn the entire industry around.

In just six months it has already become a reference for the ecommerce sector and online companies, having helped digital businesses to finance themselves in a non-dilutive, simple and flexible way.

Technology and data to democratize financing

There is a time when all successful ecommerce needs money to increase its growth rate. This translates into financing and the most normal thing is that this injection ends in online marketing campaigns to get more customers.

“43% of the funding that digital businesses raise goes to their digital marketing campaigns. It makes no sense to do it with the most expensive source of financing, capital ”, points out Pablo Gasalla, one of the founders of Ritmo.

“Technology and data have transformed entire industries. Ritmo brings this change to growth capital, to the financing of digital businesses ”.

Ritmo analyzes the performance of these marketing campaigns and the rest of company growth data And, if all is well, in less than 24 hours pre-approve the financing. Without having to provide personal guarantees or admit new partners.

With this formula they hope to reach more than 1,000 ecommerce in Spain with a very specific offer: between 10,000 and 1 million euros to finance their marketing campaigns with a fixed commission of 6%. No hidden costs or surprises, and with an absolutely revolutionary way of returning that money.

With the Ritmo model there are no fixed monthly fees. The ecommerce that receives the money will return it with a small percentage of the income it receives every month, so this formula is always adapted to the rhythm of the financed company. It is what is known as Revenue Based Finance or income-based financing.

We are a true growth platform for digital businesses, providing financing and a dashboard of their business growth to our clients, our Ritmo Insights solution.

Income-based financing is here to stay

Ecommerce grew exponentially in Spain in 2020 and is expected to maintain the trend in 2021. Ritmo financing fits like a glove for this type of digital business that has growing and predictable revenues.

So far in 2021 alone, Ritmo has financed more than three million euros to online businesses and expects to exceed 15 million for the entire year. The figure may be higher considering the great reception and the high demand for financing that they are receiving in the fintech Ritmo.

On the other hand, several prestigious Spanish institutional investors and family offices have been supporting Ritmo since its inception, financing its growth and technological development. “We are very grateful to our investors who trust us. What they value the most is the high profitability that we offer with monthly liquidity ”, points out another of its founders, Raimundo Burguera.

We translate our value proposition to institutional markets based on three pillars: high profitability, monthly liquidity and advanced reporting policy, which allows our investors to have an attractive and favorable investment line in the increasingly digital environment in which we meet..

And with it, any online business can scale its business and accelerate its growth rate in a healthier way.

Ecommerce is here to stay and those who know how to take advantage of the current moment to accelerate their growth rate they will have a huge competitive advantage. This is the best way to do it.

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