Rita Maestre confirms that she presents to the primaries of Podemos

Rita Maestre confirms that she presents to the primaries of Podemos

The spokeswoman at the City Council of Madrid, Rita Maestre, has assured today that she will register for the primaries of her training for the municipal elections, thus ditching the shuffled option throughout the day today that she did not attend to join the list later of Manuela Carmena.

Rita Maestre has told Efe that "of course" he is going to enroll in the primaries of his training, putting an end to the abuzz of rumors that pointed that he would not attend, as indicated to Efe by several sources of Podemos, who pointed out that this is what had made it to the direction of Madrid indirectly.

From the direction of Podemos in the capital have told Efe that the inscriptions are secret and have trusted that they are "all" included in them, but will not reveal until the end of the term the name of the people registered, as established by the regulations .

The possibility that Rita Maestre did not attend has raised the alarm in the state direction, from which they have recalled that the primaries to access public office have been a historical demand for the new policy of Podemos and so contemplate the statutes.

And they have warned their public officials that the decision not to appear could mean their departure from the formation of the house.

The general secretary of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has already repeated on several occasions that just as Carmena has every right to want to have a trusted team, that is not incompatible with forming a plural list that integrates all sensibilities.

However, the call for the primaries for Madrid before Carmena has formed his team has been a fundamental element that has been able to influence the doubts of Maestre and other city councilors, such as Jorge García Castaño, José Manuel Calvo and Esther Gómez , who also considered the possibility of not showing up for the primaries.

As told to Efe from the environment of these councilors, the decision adopted on the concurrence to the primaries or not to the primaries was going to be adopted in a "collective" way.

This afternoon, sources close to the spokeswoman said that "he will not abandon Podemos" but they also did not confirm that he was going to appear in the primaries, an option that has been on the table in recent weeks.

Maestre, García Castaño, Calvo and Gómez are some of the councilors considered closer to Carmena and therefore more likely to join the team that will set up the mayor to repeat his mandate at the head of City Hall.

Lourdes Velasco and Sonia López


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