Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Risto Mejide makes a controversial comment about the Notre Dame fire

El polémico comentario de Risto Mejide sobre el incendio de Notre Dame

Last night the cathedral Notre Dame of Paris was grass of the flames. A tragedy that has shocked half the world. Not only Parisians cried, but all lovers of art, culture and history did it. The mass media were overturned with the tragedy and issued the impressive fire; while the only live program already entered the prime-time,
Got Talent
, wanted to send a message of encouragement to the City of Light.

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However, a controversial comment of Risto Mejide bringing up the buildings of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, they became the center of critics.

Risto on the fire of Notre Dame: 'Send eggs that fall Notre Dame and continue on the bridges of Calatrava'

Risto on the fire of Notre Dame: 'Send eggs that fall Notre Dame and continue on the bridges of Calatrava'

The format of Telecinco returned one more Monday with a third semifinal live. Minutes after ten o'clock at night, Santi Millán started a delivery of the most exciting. But before presenting to the talents that would accompany them, wanted send a message of support to France before the fatality that was hitting one of the most visited gothic jewels in the world. Notre Dame burned while the firemen tried to put out the flames.

"Unfortunately, a jewel of Gothic architecture is burning, is being devoured by flames, so loud applause from here, from Got Talent, for all of you, "said the presenter.

After this message of support, Risto Mejide pulled irony and released a polemic: "Send eggs that fall Notre Dame and continue the Bridges of Calatrava". No one on the set applauded and the presenter tried to get out of the way: "They are not so ugly". To which the publicist concluded: "Well ... I dare to shut up".

The reactions in the social networks did not wait and the criticisms were not to stop. In fact, Telecinco has eliminated the words of Mejide of the entire program before uploading it to your Web page. Instead of the commentary, they have included a general shot of the set with the audience applauding Millán after the message of encouragement to Paris.

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