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Risto and Jesús Vázquez, the reconciliation in Chester

La reconciliación de Risto y Jesús Vázquez en ‘Chester’

It was the most anticipated moment of the
. The clash they starred in Risto Mejide and Jesús Vázquez in Triumph operation, keep bringing tail. In fact, it is the first time that both view the "scene" together in a television program. Recall that the first was a judge of talen show and, the second, the presenter. Everything happened when the publicist made a joke that the journalist interpreted as "homophobic".

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"I seldom get my beak so hot. I think you're the only person who has taken me crazy on a set ... I would have given you a slap, "said Jesús Vázquez in this first installment. At the end of the space, there was reconciliation.

Jesús Vázquez in 'Chester'

Jesús Vázquez in 'Chester'

The reason for Risto's comment had a justification: "to this day I am in conflict with the producers of Gestmusic because they thought that they could condition me and induce my vote, and this I have said here for the first time. I felt very bad that I was in the middle of that conflict and I took everything ahead. " In fact, Mejide said "I wanted to load the program and from the beginning I was giving to sack to the producers until I could no longer ".

Once everything is clear, the presenter Chester he was glad "to have regained friendship with you, because I never wanted to antagonize myself". What Vazquez replied that they were "forever forgiven."

During the expected interview, the row between both televisions was not the only relevant issue. Vazquez opened his heart and told how he told his parents he was gay. "When I told him I was gay, my father did not say anything, but my mother was already there to tell me everything. She took it very badly, like almost all my decisions. I know that she loved me very much but I was trapped in that conservative world"He explained. In fact, when a picture of her mother appeared on the screen, Vázquez did not even want to look "because I get very emotional when I see her".

Another hot topic was the famous Arny case, when the police charged him with corruption of minors. Vázquez and other celebrities were accused at that time, and subsequently acquitted.

"A man called her to tell her to introduce me to a police station or issue a search and arrest warrant against me. That was a disaster. I had the feeling of going into a nightmare and you say 'it can not be that this is really happening'. I never knew because they accused me. I think that it was the last shot of the Spain of the cavern against homosexuality. A series of forces were conjured saying 'let's go for these queers', "he recalled.

And finally, he brought out one of the most traumatic experiences of his childhood: the bullying he suffered. "There is no reason for bullying, because to look for a reason is to make the sufferer responsible. Bullying has no reason. I had a pen, but children have the right to have a pen. " "I've always been afraid of people and the aggression of others, because I've been inside since childhood, "he concluded.

Jesús Vázquez, guest at Risto Mejide's 'Chester'

Jesús Vázquez, guest at Risto Mejide's 'Chester'

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