March 7, 2021

Risky exams at the University

While some wait for them to say their name on the red lines painted on the ground to maintain a safe distance, others wait in the parking lot for their group to appeal. They have been divided by surnames, with the aim of not exceeding 33% of the capacity in the classrooms, but even so the discontent and indignation are palpable in the environment. And it is that there are many students of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), among them those of Health Sciences, who do not understand that the entity has decided to maintain some face-to-face exams at full level 3 of alert for covid in Gran Canaria.

It was at the beginning of this week when the rector, Rafael Robaina, and several vice-rectors met with the heads of the different educational centers to determine how to carry out the evaluation system for the semester according to the health situation. Initially, according to several students, the commitment was to carry out the tests electronically in case the restrictions were increased due to increased infections. Finally, the institution opted for maintaining the three modalities: face-to-face, mixed and online.

“Initially it was said that it would be via telematics,” says a fourth-year Medicine student



A decision that fell like a jug of cold water among students like FRF, who considers this measure “irresponsible”. “Many of us, as is my case, live with the elderly, who are a group of risk, in addition to the fact that my father has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and although I take care of myself, if we have to come here, we don’t know if there is someone who may have been in contact with a positive and if we get it we can take it home “, laments the young man in the Medicine room who is about to face his examination for Diseases of the Cardiovascular System. “It seems to me an unnecessary risk,” he adds.

Another of her companions, who goes by the initials CA, finds herself in a similar situation. “I live with an elderly person and coming here means exposing you to taking the virus home,” he criticizes before explaining that, as a precaution, when he gets home he will proceed to disinfect himself, put the clothes in to wash and throw away the mask. “This is a question of health. As students, it is more difficult for us to take an online exam, but many teachers say that it is a mess to do it like this and this is not something that I have heard myself in class. They have used that excuse and, really, it is not our problem. They should update and adapt to the times that run, for that we also pay a tuition “, he asserts without hiding his indignation.

In addition to discontent, the general feeling of the students is that of a prevailing lack of coordination. “The dean of Health Sciences said that, in case of entering phase 3, she would vote electronically for the exams, but after the meeting with the rector that was forgotten and, although we have complained, it has not It served for nothing “, explains FRF” In addition, they have had months to give us the dates and times of the exams and they have given us this week with what that means for people who, like me, work in addition to studying ” another of the fourth-year students who is waiting to enter the exam and whose initials are AGS

“They ask us to prove that we have been isolated,” says a university student


To the urgency, we must also add the fact that the covid coordinator at the university sent them an email on Monday night to inform them that it was necessary to present a certificate from the family doctor proving that they had been isolated in order to do so. the proof. “Primary care is collapsed and the appointment is given to you in a week. And do you think that if someone doesn’t get that certificate they won’t come? Of course it comes, because they have also paid fees ”, argues the young woman. “What if someone catches it? Well, it is our fault because they have repeated it to us a lot, that we are responsible for our actions ”, adds CA

SN also came across another bureaucratic problem by surprise. “I am a risk person because I have a disease and for that reason, at the beginning of the course, I had to accredit it so that they would give me a receipt for the classes. The problem is that this situation has not been taken into account for the exams, since when the informative email reached me it said that there was only one person at risk, when in reality there are more than ten. So they told us that we had to upload the receipt to a platform so that they would take it into account ”, he says.

“It’s a joke,” says another fourth-year medical student, SP. “In our case, they supposedly do so that we don’t cheat, but there are other solutions for that, such as taking different tests,” she says before recalling that her own teachers “know reality” because they are doctors. “I don’t understand the need to expose ourselves when hospitals are collapsed,” he complains. Even so, both she and the rest of her classmates – around 150 – had to attend an exam in person yesterday, as did many other students of different university degrees from the ULPGC.

The rector, for his part, assured Good Afternoon Canarias that the academic environment is a safe environment, based on the experience of the last EBAU. In this sense, he recalled that security measures have been strengthened, such as the rescheduling of schedules to avoid large concentrations of students and pointed out that “you have to make an effort” because the entire educational system is up and running.


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