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Risk of death, music and stunts in the second semifinal

‘Got Talent España’: Riesgo de muerte, música y acrobacias en la segunda semifinal

Follow the direct Got Talent Spain. Santi Millán has returned one more night to the small screen to present a new delivery of talent, risk and surprises. Paz Padilla, Eva Isanta, Edurne and Risto Mejide They have also returned to their positions with a gold set pass and the election of one of the most voted participants of the evening. We remember that we were able to enjoy 14 semifinalists who have returned to show their proposals to get a place in the final.

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Undoubtedly, an evening marked by the disappointments of Risto Mejide who has returned to take his hardest side to question the talent of more than one contestant. Further, Christian
life has returned to play with a new number of escapism in what has become one of the most tense moments in the history of Got Talent Spain. Of course, the viewers have been responsible for assessing the participants with their votes.

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'Got Talent Spain': The jury agrees to give the golden pass to Mariela who goes directly to the final

'Got Talent Spain': The jury agrees to give the golden pass to Mariela who goes directly to the final

Christian plays life on the stage of 'Got Talent Spain'

Yes, Christian has left the whole set of Got Talent Spain without words. And is that the participant has returned to play life with a new number of escapism with which he has challenged the limits of the human being. More than 8 minutes submerged in a small tank of water... And, when it seemed that Santi Millán had to intervene urgently to release him, the contestant managed to get out while convulsing. Impressive and terrifying in equal parts ...

"I do not see it necessary. I suffer a lot ... I do not like what you do"Peace Padilla has expressed through tears. "I've had a hard time, it's a long time without breathing. I had to turn around why I could not look ", added Edurne. Undoubtedly, an extreme number that has left us all speechless. Luckily, everything went well.

Mariela, the last gold pass of the live

This second installment of the direct Got Talent Spain It has been very irregular. As he has been responsible for moving Risto Mejide to the spectators, many of the participants have disappointed with their performances. That is why the gold pass has been waiting... And that is that the members of the jury They have not given it until the last issue of the delivery and why did not I have another option. Mariela she has been the lucky one to receive the direct pass to the grand final of the talent contest but, as it has been proven, she did not have her best day. However, the jury has decided that it would become first finalist of the delivery before knowing the verdict of the spectators.

Juan San Juan, the most voted by the spectators

The decision of the spectators does not stop surprising us. As he has repeated Santi Millan at the beginning of the evening, the audience had the power to pass the one that received the most votes. It has been the case of Juan San Juan. The singer-songwriter has returned to the stage accompanied by his Spanish guitar and a small band. On this occasion, he took up the challenge that the jury threw at the auditions and interpreted a theme of its own.

After the performance, the jury has not been very enthusiastic about their number. Risto Mejide and Edurne have agreed that It was a copy of other artists who had already heard and he has recommended that he try to find a more personal sound. But nevertheless, the public has chosen. Juan San Juan goes to the grand final as the contestant with the most support of the evening!

Duo Flame, chosen by the jury

Finally, Paz Padilla, Eva Isanta, Edurne and Risto Mejide They have made their decision. Among the four most voted participants, they have been able to select their favorite to win the last place at the end of the evening. There was little margin of error why the Duo Flame, a couple of acrobats, have been among the most voted and they have starred in a spectacular performance. So by three votes to one, the duo has become the third finalist of the second semifinal of Got Talent Spain. A last well-deserved pass ... Congratulations!

By the way, the performance of Duo Flame has caused an intense discussion between Edurne and Risto since the latter has repeated on several occasions that the action had caused drowsiness. However, the Catalan jury has decided to grant their vote to make them finalists.


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