July 15, 2020

Risk of coronavirus dispersal ignites alerts in Paraguay

The Paraguayan health authorities issued an epidemiological alert on Friday about the risks of spreading outbreaks of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (causing the disease of COVID-19) on the border with Brazil, where most of the imported cases come from. , and in other regions of the country.

The Ministry of Health urged all health personnel, national surveillance networks, laboratories and entry points in the country to immediately report possible positive cases, in addition to reinforcing social distancing measures and basic hygiene precautions.

“In the last five days, coinciding with the opening of phase two of the Smart Quarantine (gradual return of activities), there has been an increase of 12% of cases with no epidemiological link in Central and Alto Paraná,” ​​warned the Ministry of a Press release.

Central is the department that encompasses the cities of the suburbs of Asunción, while Alto Paraná is the border region with Brazil of great commercial and agricultural boom, whose capital, Ciudad del Este, concentrates a large part of the shelters where returnees from the neighboring country meet quarantine.

All this “increases the risk for the circulation of COVID-19 and the spread of the disease throughout the national territory,” remarks the statement, released after confirming the contagion of a military guard assigned to the shelter in the east. from the country.

Before reporting the symptoms, the officer was in San Roque González de Santa Cruz, a town 95 kilometers south of Asunción, in the Paraguarí department, where he socialized with his family, friends and participated in a wake, according to the media.

Therefore, that town, with some 13,000 inhabitants and located on the international route that connects the country’s capital with the southern city of Encarnación, bordering Argentina, was subjected to a sanitary confinement, regional medical sources reported to the media.

Already in the morning, the Health Minister, Julio Mazzoleni, expressed concern in the portfolio about the relaxation of the health protocols observed in the country with the beginning of phase 2 of the quarantine by COVID-19, which has left eleven deaths and 917 infections.

In recent days, Paraguay has registered some cases of coronavirus “without a link” that break the controlled trend that the South American country followed, with the majority of cases coming from abroad and under control in the shelters.


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