Ripoche peta with two fifth prizes and the Gordo – La Provincia

Ripoche peta with two fifth prizes and the Gordo - La Provincia

Luis Saavedra Tavío had a few bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne ready for Christmas Eve, but when it was two o'clock yesterday afternoon they had all fallen. The champagne ran through the throats, hair and clothes of partygoers and ended up bathing Ripoche's cobblestones. Santa Claus, who was also there -as every year around this time- ended up soaked, but he still played the bell, turned into the pure image of happiness.

The euphoria of the owners and employees of the store infected all the neighbors and owners of the restaurants and shops next door that came to celebrate the fortune. The small tumult attracted the attention of those who passed by, who also attended the prisoners of curiosity. Total, that with racking, cross the street became a mission almost impossible. When the television cameras arrived, the merriment touched the delirium.

"El Gordo fell here! El Gordo fell here!, "That fat, that fat, ehh", was heard in the middle of the madness, while the cruise passengers who made their route contemplated the party with a face of bewilderment and a certain envy. Difficult to know if any of those who jumped for joy was one of the lucky ones with the two fifth prizes or the Fat one. If they were not the anonymous beneficiaries of chance, they seemed a lot, such was the euphoria that was unleashed.
La Esfinge tobacco shop, on Ripoche Street, transformed the corner of Santa Catalina Park into a party. And it is not every day the elusive Gordo is dropped in these parts, even in the form of a despicable pinch of 800,000 euros.

Cristina Quintana, employee of the cigar factory had predicted, half joking half seriously, from the early hours of the morning. And it was right. After two fifth prizes, the Gordo prize was dropped by midday.
The popular Ripoche tobacco shop, which only sells tenth lottery tickets through a terminal, the number 43645, has once again divided the lot this year. The most early bird was the 29031, a fifth prize. About eleven o'clock in the morning he dropped another fifth, the 2308. And almost at the end of the draw, landed a pinch of Fat, 03347.

The bell of Santa Lopez was snatched with each prize. In fact, according to Luis Saavedra Tavío, one of the owners, is Santa Claus who brings luck to the store, which last year distributed 125,000 euros of the second prize of the Christmas lottery. Saavedra still did not know how much the amount was distributed. At the end of the day he could know that they had distributed almost one million euros. In total they were two tenths of the Gordo (800,000) and one tenth of each fifth (6,000 euros each). Only the winner of one of the fifths, who joined in the celebration, dropped by the place – at least with her face uncovered.

"Santa Claus is our talisman," said Saavedra Tavío, who was happier than maracas, even though he had not touched a euro in the lottery. "The most beautiful thing about this job is to make so many people happy," he exclaimed while trying to greet all the neighbors, friends and owners of other businesses that came to noveveliaria and to join in the merrymaking.

"Next year," Saavedra announced, "we are going to break the mold again. Congratulations to who has touched and who has not touched also. Last year we gave the appetizer with the second prize. We are happy to make many people happy. I'm having a pipe. It is a happiness that can not be explained. It's the bomb. "

All in all, the happiest of all was Juan López, cousin of one of the owners of the tobacco shop, who has been wearing all the clothes for nine years Santa Claus between the 15th and the 24th of December and you bet on the entrance to congratulate the parties to everyone who leaves. And the one who does not, too. "I like to keep the illusion and the smile," he explained.

Rare is the one that has never happened to buy by the Tobacco shop La Esfinge, which has been in the park for more than 80 years. Saavedra and her partner have been running it since 2004. They have been selling machine lottery for about seven years. "This is the one that will play in the Child's draw", announces," while wielding a tenth with the number 70543 ".


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