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Rip Torn, actor Z's Agent of Men in Black dies

The Emmy-winning actor Rip Torn He has died at the age of 88, according to publicist Rick Miramontez. The performer became known to the public for the role he plays in the film
Men in Black
, where he plays Agent Z, and in the production of American television The Larry Sanders Show.

The causes of the death of the actor of cinema, television and theater and with 200 interventions behind him, have not yet transcended. However, his family has detailed that he died on Tuesday in peace at home, surrounded by his wife, the actress Amy Wright, known for Stardust Memories Y The Accidental Touristand his daughters.

The actor has died at home surrounded by his family

Marie Antoinette, Down with the periscope, Sweet bird of youth, King of Kings, Baby Doll Y Men in Black, are some of the works in which Torn participated, whose tempestuous nature made him an actor of convincing character on the screen and on stage, but sometimes caused him problems in the set and in private life.

Torn showed great versatility during his career, but always exhibiting his crooked smile, his hoarse voice and a diabolic sparkle in his eyes, especially suitable for playing bad guys and unpredictable characters. Often his temperament led him to become the head of the press. For example, he blamed his dismissal on a production of Macbeth to "friends" of the government of President Richard Nixon, whom the actor would portray later in the television miniseries Blind Ambition.

His tempestuous nature caused him problems on set and in his private life

Rip Torn attends the New York premiere of 'María Antonieta'

Rip Torn attends the New York premiere of 'María Antonieta'
(Stephen Chernin / AP)

Later, he starred in alcohol-related incidents and was arrested in 2010 for breaking into a closed bank he had mistaken for his home in Salisbury, Connecticut. "I get angry easily. Things sadden me easily, "Torn told the writer Studs Terkel, author of Working, a 1974 book about characters and their works.

"Rip has a cheeky masculine impulse. You can not do anything about it, "he told The New York Times the playwright Horton Foote, who chose Torn for his work The young man from Atlanta and he also worked frequently with Torn's second wife, Geraldine Page.

"I get angry easily. Things make me sad easily "

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