Rio uses drones with speakers to avoid crowds during the pandemic

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro began using drones on Wednesday in a new action to combat COVID-19, a virus that has spread in recent weeks in the country and already leaves at least 1,500 dead and 25,000 infections.

A drone equipped with a loudspeaker today began to fly over the "Wonder City", alerting citizens to the importance of staying home and maintaining social distance in case it is inevitable to go outside, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

The technology will be used mainly to disperse agglomerations in Rio de Janeiro, which are detected through mobile phone signals or thanks to municipal cameras.

The drones will also be activated when the City Hall receives any citizen complaint through the telephone line enabled to identify large concentrations of people.

"The equipment will be used against crowds and also when the cameras of the Rio de Janeiro operations center perceive the concentration of people in public places," explained the director-president of the municipal computer company (IplanRio), Julio Urdangarin.

In addition to the alerts, the drones will also record the actions and the images will be transmitted in real time at the crisis cabinet operations center established by the Mayor during the pandemic.

The capital of Rio de Janeiro has so far registered 2,393 cases and 140 deaths from coronaviruses despite restrictions imposed by the governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, to slow the advance of the pathogen.


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