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Rihanna, Jordan and other celebrities join the donation for Bahamas after the hurricane

The singer Rihanna, the American basketball star Michael Jordan, among other celebrities have joined the donations to help in the recovery of the Bahamas after the passage of Hurricane Dorian almost two weeks ago.

The Government, which figures at 50 those killed by the cyclone, estimates that some 10,000 people in Abacus need water, food and temporary housing, while according to the UN 70,000 people do not have housing or are seriously damaged in areas affected by the hurricane .

About 2,500 are missing.

Although the Island Government has warned about the publication of multi-digit figures on the number of dead, former Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham (1992-2002 and 2007 to 2012) revealed "in his own name" that "hundreds of people "have died in Abacus and a" significant number "in Grand Bahama.

Many survivors will have the help of personalities who, taking advantage of their fame, have shown their generosity to help the Bahamians who now look sideways at the sky for fear that a depression or tropical storm will form over the center and southeast of Bahamas .

If it is formed it would result in heavy rains and winds until Friday according to the National Hurricane Center (CNH).

An excess of water and wind that would hit a battered Bahamas trying to lift its head after the passage of Hurricane Dorian, for about 70 hours, almost two weeks ago.

The NBA legend and current owner of the Hornets team, Michael Jordan, announced that he will donate a million dollars to the islands affected by the cyclone, Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama.

"I am devastated by the destruction caused in the Bahamas where I have properties and that I visited frequently," according to a statement released by his representative Estee Portnoy on twitter.

"My heart is with all those who are suffering and who have lost everything," he added.

Jordan also warned that he will study in depth the NGOs that are working on the recovery and relief of the island and will deliver the funds "where it has the greatest impact".

"The Bahamians are strong and resilient people. I hope that my donation will help recover from this catastrophic storm," he concluded.

The basketball player already donated two million dollars in 2018 to help the state of North Carolina, after the passage of Hurricane Florence.

The equipment you own is from North Carolina.

The Barbadian singer Rihanna announced on her social networks that through her foundation Clara Lionel will help those affected by the category 5 hurricane.

"They are in my prayers," said singer Rihanna on Twitter, who chairs the foundation named after her grandparents Clara and Lionel Braithwaite.

It focuses on helping to provide a better quality of life for communities around the world in health, education, art and culture.

"The foundation is already finding out how to help," added the Barbadian artist, adding that "the devastation" caused by the hurricane "breaks his heart."

For his part, the actor and film director Tyler Perry, director of blockbuster films about the African-American community, who obtained his greatest success with the ten films about the character of Mabel Earlene "Madea" Simmons, created and performed by him, sent few Days after the hurricane, your personal plane loaded with supplies.

Rapper and actor Ludacris announced that the proceeds of his annual charity event, LudaDay Weekend, this year, have been entirely intended to help the Bahamas.

Singer Lenny Kravitz has also joined his voice to raise money for help. "We are going to help the Bahamas. I have donated," he wrote on his social networks.

In turn, the American reality TV star Bethenny Frankel has traveled to the area to deliver food, essential equipment and medical support.

Meanwhile, Spanish chef José Andrés, who arrived in the archipelago before Dorian, has already served more than 100,000 meals and on Wednesday sent through his NGO World Central Kitchen 500,000 pounds (about 227,000 kilos) in aid.

The cargo includes water, supplies and food that will go to Abacus in fear that the heavy rains that could fall between today and tomorrow could not fly.

The R.E.M. He has released an unpublished song titled "Fascinating" intended to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, according to a message posted on the official Twitter profile of the US band.

"Thank you very much for your help and support for the recovery work that Mercy Corps is doing there, we thank you from the bottom of my heart," says the leader and vocalist of the alternative rock group, Michael Stipe, in a video posted on that same profile.

"Fascinating", which is available for commercial download in Bandcamp, was originally designed to be part of "Reveal" (2001) and was rewritten in 2004 at the Compass Point studios in Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, for inclusion in the album "Around the Sun" (2004).

The damage caused by the hurricane is estimated at 7,000 million dollars in the Bahamas, which annually enters about 2,800 million for tourism on average.

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