Rigoberta Bandini breaks hearts as Julio Iglesias

To all my lovers is the first song released by Rigoberta Bandini after the phenomenon of Ay mama. Paula Ribó has declared that it was conceived as "a kind of public penance towards all my ex-boyfriends". The song is accompanied by a very folk guitar and keyboard and, as the Barcelona native has acknowledged, it has stylistic reminiscences of Cecilia, Joan Baez or Chavela Vargas.

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In fact, it is different from everything he has done so far, as he already revealed in his day in an interview with this newspaper: “Oh, mom, she took me for a hug and the next song is going to be quite intimate. It doesn't mean it's a ballad, it has its rhythm, but it talks about a totally different subject and shows a part of me that I think I've never shown. She fancy me a lot”.

“When I started writing it, I realized that the role of heartthrob usually belongs to men. With Julio Iglesias I wanted to appropriate myself to be the rogue and the lady and now I want to occupy this space”, commented Bandini.

To All My Lovers is a mea culpa from Bandini for not having been "always emotionally responsible with my partners." But at the same time the lyrics reaffirm that freedom that he obtained in exchange for causing damage to former lovers: “It frees me to be able to show all the layers, not having to sweeten myself. And besides, I thought it was so much fun to write it and look for funny, but at the same time decadent images that people can connect with.”

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