'Right to dream': Comply with the laws of telenovelas | TV

'Right to dream': Comply with the laws of telenovelas | TV

The afternoons of La 1 will be from this Monday in full for soap operas. With the end last Friday of Medical Center, the series that mixed fiction with a format similar to a fake documentary with cases of a hospital, the new bet of the public channel is a telenovela set in a law firm. Right to dream will be broadcast from Monday to Friday (18.15), between Acacias 38 Y Spain Direct, and in front of other soap operas and programs like The secret of Old Bridge (Antenna 3), Hawaii 5.0 (Four), Save me orange (Telecinco) and Better late (The sixth).

The idea of ​​La 1 is to continue the wake of Serve and protect, that it emits two hours before, and continue with the renewal of its offer of daily series with modern atmospheres and to move away of those of time, that got to cope the afternoons in many chains (Acacias 38, Six sisters, The secret of Old Bridge, Love in troubled times, Shoulder strap, Love is forever…)

"There are not too many series of lawyers. Let's see inside what is a professional firm. Every week, a case that ends on Fridays in a trial where we will see how everything ends, "explained producer Vicente Torres last week in the presentation of the fiction. Servir and protect, which premiered in 2017 and has 430 chapters, is set in a current police station.

Right to dream has as protagonist a young law graduate (Alba Ribas) who enters a law firm as secretary of one of the partners (Jon Arias). The series has all the elements of the classic telenovelas. "It's a love story that is going to have a journey until, I suppose, they end up together, the idea is to keep the classical bases that have always worked, and bring everything to today," said Fernando López Puig, director of TVE Fiction. .

One of the best known faces of the cast is Jorge Sanz, who plays the husband of the secretary's boss. The veteran actor was delighted with the format and schedule of the series: "It's a time when people need you to tell them a good story and to distract them, we have the opportunity to reach them and entertain them." The cast is completed with names like Joaquín Climent, Mamen Duch, Arón Piper, Guiomar Puerta, Ariana Martínez, Belén Fabra, Ana Risueño, Lola Baldrich and Aixa Villagrán, among others.

The fiction had been waiting for its release for some time. He finished filming in November 2017 and the 130 episodes filmed remained on the bench waiting for a space for its release. Lopez Puig assures that she was not saved because they did not trust in the product, but that it has been a "public service", as respect to the loyal spectators to Medical Center, whose journey ended after 1200 episodes in three years. "There was an obligation to continue with Medical Center, we needed to have a series like Right to dream in the reserve, "explained López Puig. Medical fiction, with two episodes per day, did not reach 800,000 spectators in each one, with screen shares between 5 and 7%.

Right to dream It's a telenovela, but as it happens with Serve and protect, does not want to neglect the professional theme. The subjects treated each week are inspired by real cases, "of daily life," said Lopez Puig. The series was filmed in 2,000 square meters of sets where different environments were recreated: the luxury law firm, the courts, the street in a central area of ​​Madrid and the homes of the protagonists.

The fight in the afternoon

Telecinco and Antena 3 capture a large part of the audience in the afternoon. The first ones offer between 16.00 and 20.00 two deliveries of the magacine of chronic rose Save me, the Lemon and the Orange (they differentiate it since the second one must comply with the rules of the protected children's schedule). The afternoon closes with Pass word. Antena 3 offers two telenovelas (Love is forever Y The secret of Old Bridge) and two contests (Now I fall Y Boom!). The 1 bet everything to the daily series (Serve and protect, Acacias 38 Y Right to dream, and connects at 19.25 with Spain direct. Four bet on the series of action (Hawaii 5.0 Y NCIS: Los Angeles) and La Sexta for the present, with humor in Zapping Y Better late.


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