Rico highlights the role of the ULPGC as a national benchmark in quality

Milagros Rico has valued the role of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as a national benchmark in quality management systems, an area in which she has worked in the last four years in Rafael Robaina's rectory team, and takes on the challenge to face the next four, at the head of the Vice President for Study and Quality Programs, with the aim of maintaining and continuing to work in this line.

“We have always been invited to the forums of the National Agency for Quality and Accreditation (Aneca), as references, because we are the second University in Spain with seven centers with institutional accreditation. The Agency has informed us that our quality model is a consolidated model that allows us to achieve the established objectives, in terms of improving teaching and in recognition of the teaching staff ”.

Among his proposals, Rico pointed out promoting the international accreditations of some degrees. “The certification of quality assurance systems has given us more international projection. International accreditation of engineering would be important, for example, because it gives an international projection to these degrees.

They also bet on the accreditation of the Doctoral School. “Although the Government gave an extension for the accreditation of doctoral degrees, we have already accredited four with favorable reports, and we have seven left, but we have already passed the external visit of the evaluating experts and, therefore, the accreditation of the Doctoral School is one of our objectives ”.

Permanent education

Finally, he made reference to the quality certification of the ULPGC Permanent Training Center courses “and the development of quality management in accordance with European quality standards, which is what gives us recognition at the European".

Regarding quality, Luis Hernández Calvento, vice-rector for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and New Degrees in Lluis Serra's candidacy, stressed that, although they will work to comply with European and national regulations, “we understand that quality is more than meeting the indicators and quality stamps ”.

In this sense, he pointed out the existence of "worrying" indicators such as abandonment. “There are careers that are close to 50%, that is, half of the students who enroll in first year are no longer in third. This abandonment is an indicator of quality and it is negative and we must solve this type of problem ”.

He also indicated the fact that some teachers from the ULPGC send their children to study outside a career that is here. “It is a shame that the members of the university community themselves understand that for many quality indicators that we have, it is not enough, there is a lack of confidence in what we are doing together. Quality has to be looked at in a broader way, looking for solutions to increase it and let us be an engine for society to advance ”.


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