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Ricky Gervais in 'After Life'. In video, the trailer of the series.

Star and revolutionary of television at the beginning of this century with The Office a millionaire signing on Netflix. Between means, series and films of greater or lesser depth, several controversies in the Golden Globes and a step by sweeping Twitter between staunch supporters and people who hate him. The British Ricky Gervais, 57, knows he has his audience, who understands that being a provocateur is part of his job as a comedian. And he also knows that there is a crowd that does not understand why he has to say the things he says and how he says them when he just pretends to be honest. But he does not care. He always continues with his.

The actor, screenwriter and director has just released the bittersweet comedy After Life, on Netflix, the same platform that half a year ago issued its last special comedy show, Humanity, and in 2016 the movie Special Correspondents. In After Life, Gervais returns to get into the skin of a character uncomfortable to see and empathize with, as he did with David Brent in The Office. The actor plays a journalist in a shabby local newspaper that, after the death of his wife of cancer, enters a depression that leads, among other things, to a verbal honesty that surpasses the rude. Almost as if the character wanted to imitate the Gervais of his live performances, the one that speaks without any apparent embarrassment and disrespect for God, dead babies, transsexuals or the Holocaust.

Not even five minutes pass of the first of the six episodes and there is a string of insults with ingenuity in the Gervais style. Words and phrases so offensive that if the comedian used them daily in his Twitter account, where he has more than 13 million followers, would be received with harsh criticism in times of a political correction on the rise and where everyone sets the limits of humor at the point that best suits them. "I know some people are not going to understand it [la serie]. They will think that it is morbid, petty or negative. But I hope you all see how positive and cheerful it is in the end. Like life itself, "Gervais said in his social networks hours before the premiere of a fiction that critics have called a drama disguised as comedy. The pain of loss and how to deal with grief are the backbone of the series.

In a recent interview in the magazine Vanity Fair, Gervais defended himself from attacks on his cruel sense of humor: "My beliefs should not be confused with what I say on a stage or what I say at a gala of the Golden Globes. The reason why I can say what I say is because I created a humor that I consider bulletproof. I can strengthen its comic value. It's not that I believe in every part of those jokes. It is an intellectual search made to disorient. "

It seems that Ricky Gervais always does and says what he wants. And, as he himself has said, he seems to have learned to let go of the joke and not wait to see if anyone understands it or not, if someone misinterprets it or takes it to another dimension: "At the end of the day, I think comedy It shows that we are all idiots, and that there is nothing you can do to remedy it. If you spend your life worrying about being offended, you have wasted it, because soon you will be dead. They are not going to give you back the time. Try to be happy. It's the only thing that matters in life. " As he tries to demonstrate in After Life, in which he has served as writer, director and actor, no matter what happens, life goes on.

The true magic of nature

The relationship of Ricky Gervais with Netflix will continue with the broadcast at some point in the coming months of a second live comedy special called SuperNature. The comedian is already doing warm-up performances to prepare a tour with the new show. In it, Gervais is fine-tuning his jokes and jokes to finally record the performance for the platform streaming. As the actor explained, this new Show It will revolve "around the absurdity of superstitions, magic and all unfounded beliefs and celebrate the fact that nature is already great enough".


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