Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Richard Williams, creator of Roger Rabbit dies

Richard Williams, animator, producer and director of films, he died this Friday at age 86 at his home in Bristol, United Kingdom.
Who cheated on roger rabbit?
, the movie I eat in animation director He gave life to the famous animal in the real world, it was one of his best works in a career in which he won three Oscars. One of the statuettes was honored for her work in the remembered film starring Bob Hoskins.

Williams's life was a dream of a child that came true. In an interview at the BBC in 2008, he said he always wanted to enter Disney. "As a child I took my drawings and finally I came in," he said. There he was given advice on how to improve his techniques, although until he was 23 he did not resume animation, he acknowledged, for some loss of interest and dedication to art. Then he would resume it with resounding success, according to the films in which he worked.

Fifties and sixties

Part of the golden age of animation

Born in Toronto, Canada, he moved to the United Kingdom in the 1950s. His first film dates from 1958. He also participated in the animation of films from The Pink Panther and in Royal Casino. During the fifties and sixties he was part of the so-called golden age of animation, although he later managed to adapt to the new times of computer animation.

The work to which he dedicated more time, a film based on the story of Arabian Nights, supposed more than twenty years of work and finally it was finished by an external producer. Williams was the father of six children and lived with his wife and collaborator Imogen Sutton.

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