October 22, 2020

Richard Nguema: “It was my duty to renew with the club to help them be where they deserve” – ​​La Provincia

Richard Nguema Balboa (Madrid 1988) will continue for another year at Aloe Plus Lanzarote Conejeros, thus adding his third consecutive season with the orange team in the EBA League since he came from the Dominican Republic league.

The player had no doubts when accepting the proposal made by the club, admitting that “last year was a very tough season at a sporting level and given that circumstances have given us an opportunity, I think it was my duty to renew with the club to help them be where they deserve. “

The best thing that the 2019/2020 season has left him was to compete with the Equatorial Guinea team, a country to which he ties blood, but even so, at the team level, he has not been happy. “Last year was difficult, in all aspects, but fate has given us an opportunity to work on the error and I hope, and I trust, that we do not waste it,” confesses the Real Madrid youth squad.

Richard Nguema, along with Cándido Matoso, are the first two players confirmed by Aloe Plus Lanzarote Conejeros for the coming season, where the idea of ​​the national category club in Reef is to make a solid project giving importance to local basketball . “The important thing,” explains the base, “is that the people who come have ambition and hope later, we will try to play basketball well.”

Finally, the international for Equatorial Guinea, does not forget the fans and invites her to be the number 6 player on the court this year. “I encourage you to come to the Ciudad Deportiva to cheer on the team, we promise sacrifice, have fun and have fun,” concludes the player.


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