Ricardinho and Ortiz put on the show and the public presents for Equatorial Guinea

Ricardinho and Ortiz put on the show and the public presents for Equatorial Guinea

Ricardinho, the best player in the world of futsal, and Ortiz, the second, today gave a recital in the charity match led by the Inter Movistar players along with the former player of Valladolid and Betis, among others, Benjamín Zarandona. The Municipal Sports Center Jorge Carbajosa Torrejón de Ardoz met today at the Friends of Benjamin and Ortiz vs Friends of Ricardinho to promote sport in Equatorial Guinea to more than five hundred followers in the stands that contributed their gifts to meet with the solidarity initiative of the Martínez Hermanos Foundation: collecting sports material to send young Guineans from the cities of Bata and Malabo.

Rain of balls and goals

With the sponsorship of Banco Santander, the game became the best farewell of the year with rain of balls and goals, thanks to the disinterested participation of a whole cast of actors, actresses, journalists, singers, former soccer players and footballers and a public delivered Sergio Lozano (Professional Player), Pirri (Olympic Medalist), Laure (Professional Player Soccer), Palencia (Former Professional Player), Quini (Presenter and Former Professional Player), Tobe (Professional Player Futsal), Reguero (Professional Player Soccer), Hazma (Actor), Cejas (Actor), Borja Navarro (Dj), Víctor Enguidanos (HMYV), Fidel Alonso (Professional Skier), Luna (Former Professional Player), Forward 09 Jesus (Youtuber), Jade Boho (Professional Player), Balboa (former Professional Player), Víctor (former professional player), Juan Luis Cano (Gomaespuma), Matallanas (journalist), Felipe Martin (Director of Sponsorships of Banco Santander) and Ivan Zarandona were some of the protagonists on the track.

The assistants contributed with all kinds of sports material such as balls, shirts or sneakers that could be sent to Equatorial Guinea and the protagonists on the track with a recital of goals. The match ended with the victory of the Friends of Bejamin and Ortiz by 13 to 8 goals against the Friends of Ricardinho. Now, the organizing and sponsorship commission together with staff of the Martínez Hermanos Foundation will personally send all the collected material to their destination in the next few days.


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