Ribera sees "prudent" to date in 2040 the prohibition of polluting vehicles

The minister for the Energy Transition, Teresa Ribera, has considered that the proposal to prohibit the registration and sale of all light vehicles that emit carbon dioxide directly in 2040 is "prudent" and is aligned with other surrounding countries European.

"The proposals that the working document handles are aligned with the most prudent of the surrounding countries, such as Belgium, Finland or the United Kingdom advance those dates of prohibition of sale of combustion vehicles," he said in statements to the media.

It has been in the framework of the Iwater Hall, which deals with the integral management of the water cycle and is being held this week at the Granvia venue of Fira de Barcelona, ​​in parallel with Smart City Expo World Congress.

Ribera has referred to the working document that was made public yesterday regarding the future law on climate change and energy transition, which proposes that the sale or registration of all vehicles that emit carbon dioxide directly in 2040 be banned, and ten years later the definitive limitation of the circulation of that type of cars.

The minister has appealed to the "co-responsibility" of public institutions and industry so that the change in the energy model is not detrimental to the automobile sector, which represents 11% of Spanish GDP and employs almost 14% of workers from the country.

Ribera has argued that in order to maintain competitiveness, the Spanish automotive sector must face the "challenge" that involves evolving from the energy point of view, as it has indicated that 65% of exports of light vehicles from state factories are aimed at countries where similar limitations will apply in an equal or shorter time.

However, the owner of Energy Transition has stressed that the document that was released is not final and that the contributions that come from the sector "will be essential to finalize this draft to be officially presented in the coming days."


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