Ribera prepares a meeting with the electricity companies to try to calm the sector




The Third Vice President and Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, has announced that she will meet "in a few days" with the electricity companies to analyze the measures adopted by the Government. In the midst of a storm within the sector, which yesterday issued a
very hard statement
In which she expressed her "forceful rejection" of the Executive's measures, the minister wanted to take away El Hierro from this reaction and denied that it was going to become a new front for the coalition government.

«It is the first hot reaction. It is obvious that if (the electricity companies) were used to it and if they were expecting that with this evolution of the price of electricity their profits were going to increase so much, they don't like it that they do not increase so much, but only increase a little . To a certain extent it is a natural reaction, which must be understood, but it is also important to understand the extraordinary nature of this turbulence and the need to contribute all of them, "said Ribera in statements to TVE collected by Ep.

Ribera has also pointed out that he had already spoken with the electricity companies about the content of the shock plan to lower the price of the electricity bill approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers, and that the Government hopes that it will begin to be noticed on the bill this month, after its entry into force tomorrow. According to the minister, the companies knew the need to intervene "quickly" so that the rise in the price of electricity in the wholesale market did not have such an impact on the bills of citizens and industrial customers.

“The electricity companies are reading what the measures of the decree-law represent. We have ensured that none of the measures and all of them together do not have an economic impact that question your profitability. The most intense measures have a marked temporary and provisional nature (...) and we have agreed that, once they have made their assessment, we will talk and see each other again, "he explained.

The Association of Electric Power Companies (Aelec) charged hard yesterday against the Executive and l
and accused of creating "legal insecurity" and acting against European orthodoxy
. Aelec claims "to undertake a tax reform that alleviates the pressure to which the electricity bill with high taxes is subjected." "The solution involves a reform of the regulated tariff that avoids - as happens in neighboring European countries - the transfer of market volatility to consumers", these companies highlight

However, Ribera has considered today "striking" that "invoking" that increase in profits that they were going to have as "essential" when six months ago they would not have been able to count on those resources given that there had not been such an exponential increase in the prices that have been recorded in recent weeks. And he has insisted that profitability for electricity companies is "out of the question" with what has been done in the decree and that, "obviously" these companies would have preferred that the problem of the price of electricity "passed them by side" and they did not have to get involved in a response that seems to the Government "essential", collects Ep.

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