July 29, 2021

Ribera bets to shorten terms in the Menorca-Mallorca electric cable

Ribera bets to shorten terms in the Menorca-Mallorca electric cable

The Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has bet today to "shorten to the maximum" the deadlines to build an underwater electric cable that connects Mallorca with Menorca, after this island suffered a few days ago a power outage of 56 hours for a tornado that affected 38,000 users.

Ribera, who has traveled today in Menorca, has referred to the bureaucratic procedures required by this great infrastructure and that it is "complex" to reduce the deadlines.

The estimated time to build this cable and that Menorca is connected to Mallorca is 18 months, said the minister, who highlighted the "understanding" existing between the central, Balearic, city councils and the company Red Eléctrica de España to develop this project.

The minister has visited the electrical substation of Ciutadella, where work has already begun on the installation of the new cable between the two islands.

In the act has been accompanied by the president of the Consell, Susana Mora, and the Balearic conseller of Territory, Energy and Mobility of the Balearic Government, Marc Pons, as well as representatives of the political parties of the island of Red Eléctrica de España.

Speaking to reporters, the minister has also opted to "guarantee" the investments needed by the Mahon power plant in order to continue operating, for which it is assured the "State guarantee".

Regarding the tornado, the minister stressed that "zero risk does not exist, neither in Menorca nor anywhere" and that extreme weather events are likely to occur more and more frequently, so it is necessary to incorporate the energy system "new security patterns".

He also wanted to convey a message of tranquility because "what happened does not have to happen again", while emphasizing that Menorca "worked like an island in a literal sense" since the old cable was taken out of service in 2017 electric that joined it to Mallorca after the anchor of a ship broke it.

"From the ministry we are aware of the importance of this island, which is an icon from the point of view of the ecological transition", said the minister, who has resalado the wealth of natural and architectural heritage of the island.

Finally, the minister wanted to show her gratitude to the representatives of all the institutions for the work done after the blackout and their solidarity with all those affected.


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