Reyes Maroto announces that he will soon bring the Perte of the electric vehicle to the Council of Ministers




The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has announced this Thursday during its participation in the ‘Digital Summit’ that it will soon bring to the Council of Ministers the PERTE (Strategic Projects for the Recovery and Economic Transformation) of the electric vehicle. One of the four Perte that has pointed out that they are “quite mature” like that of the agri-food industry on which he has pointed out that it will incorporate to the distribution, that of the aeronautical sector and that of the pharmaceutical industry.

Regarding the expressions of interest developed from his ministry, Maroto congratulated himself on the reception he is having in the private sector: “The response of the fabric industry exceeds the budget”, The minister points out in reference to areas such as the electric vehicle, health or the agri-food sector. In this sense, he has ensured that they will “select” those products that allow the economy to make the qualitative leap to the Spanish economy. “We are going to frustrate some expectations,” he warned. In any case, the head of Industry has shown her confidence that Spain can be one of the “locomotives” of the digital economy and can have inclusive growth.

The Minister of Industry has opened the door for the Perte of the electric vehicle to be the first to be born, in the context of European funds it will soon be raised to the table of the Council of Ministers and will involve 5 different ministries. In this sense, it has recognized that it will include the entire value chain including battery manufacturing and assembly, among other operations. In line with the above, he explained that Spain is the second car manufacturer in Europe and the ninth in the world and the factories are spread throughout Spain.

Maroto has also added that there is “Four quite mature Pertes” and in this group it has included sectors such as agri-food, aeronautics, and health, on which it has recognized that there is already production of syringes, masks and vaccines in Spain to develop the country’s autonomy in the face of the strong dependence of the early days. of the pandemic.

On the other hand, Maroto has also made reference to the next mission to the United States in which he will seek to strengthen the impulse of the European audiovisual hub, with which the Government seeks to attract investment and the promotion of the tourist intelligence platform, which seeks “Improve the tourist experience and connect companies with the destination.” In this sense, he believes that new regulations such as the ‘Startup Law’ will play an important role.

“European Champions”

The CEO of Orange Spain, Jean François Fallacher, which premiered in this forum, has recognized the important role of networks during the pandemic with increases in voice traffic – only in the case of Orange – of more than 130% in voice traffic or more than 60% in terms of of mobiles. In this sense, it has valued the investment role of Orange in recent years and highlighted that, in the last year, they have invested almost 1,000 million in Spain (13% of their income). He also recalled that by the end of next year his new 5G network will reach more than 90% of the population.

The head of Orange Spain has confirmed that they will participate in the next 700 MHz auction and explained the dozens of 5G use cases in which the operator participates throughout Spain. Fallacher has also opted for the concentration of the telecommunications sector, not only in Spain but at the European level. In this sense, it has opted for “European champions” to compete globally and warned against the “destruction of value and the threat against future investments.” He has also criticized the “hyper-competitiveness” promoted from Europe with more than 140 operators in the Old Continent compared to three or four in the United States. Similarly, it has supported the introduction of changes in the Audiovisual Law and other initiatives of the Executive. Especially in the tax area and asks the European Commission to “help operators to scale.”

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