Reyes Magos: technological gifts to surprise – The Province

Reyes Magos: technological gifts to surprise - The Province

When you think abouttechnological gifts, most come to mind consoles such as Play Station or Xbox, next-generation smartphones or tablets. However, technological advances allow finding all kinds of products on the market.

In case you want to surprisein the Magiand get away from the typical console, there are other equally modern options to conquer your loved ones. Next, we review some of these possibilities.

Virtual reality glasses

Source: LENOVO

One of the fashion products currently are thevirtual reality glasses, that suppose a great advance for the videojuegos and the form to enjoy them. But they do not serve just for that. For example, Lenovo Explorer glasses allow the user to access 20,000 Microsoft applications and with them you can travel around the world without having to pay a single euro on the plane.

A robotics kit

Source: SPC

Designed for the little ones, it is an ideal option to unseat the console and for the boy or girl to try theircreative abilities and inventors. An example is the Neuron Inventor Kit, whose parts are connected with magnets and programmed with Bluetooth. Children can create telegraphs, electric guitars or DJ machines.

A folding drone

Another technological gift that has begun to gain strength is the drone. In this case, the XS809 folding dron is the best option for those who have never piloted one. It allowsperform takeoff and landing by pressing a buttonand can record at 720p quality with its 2MP camera.

Wireless helmets

Source: MOBVOI

There are many types ofwireless headphones, although it is worth remembering that in order to work, it is necessary to have Bluetooth in the device where the music is stored. One option is the Mobvoi TicPods, which are handled with the touch and can last up to 4 hours without the need to load them.

A robot mascot

Source: WOWWEE

Finally, if you're not a fan of having pets at home, you can always give your children a robot pet, which will stain less andyou do not have to feed it. For example, MiPosaur, in the form of dinosurio, is an intelligent pet that is in the market. It responds to hand gestures and can also be controlled through an app with your mobile.


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