'Reyes de la noche' with Javier Gutiérrez, the main premiere of Movistar + in May

Javier Gutiérrez in one of the scenes from 'Reyes de la noche', the new original series from Movistar +.

Javier Gutiérrez in one of the scenes from 'Reyes de la noche', the new original series from Movistar +.
Movistar +

A new original series will arrive next month at Movistar. May will be marked mainly on the payment platform for the premiere of the first season of 'Reyes de la noche', the fiction starring Javier Gutiérrez and Miki Esparbé, which will be released from next Friday the 14th.

'Reyes de la noche' is a fiction about the fight of egos, power, ambition and above all ... Radio. The series places us late 1980s and early 1990s, a time when radio journalism was done in a very different way than today. In a comedy tone, and through the rivalry of Paco 'El Cóndor' (Javier Gutierrez) and 'Jota' Montes (Miki Esparbé), two journalists capable of everything to reign over the airwaves at night, the series takes place at a time of change in our country, which is finally entering modernity.

'Couples Therapy' - Season 2 - May 26 (Movistar Seriesmanía)

Another of the outstanding premieres of this month of May on Movistar + is the second season of 'Couples Therapy'. In front, Dr. Orna Guralnik as a common thread so that, on this occasion, three new couples put aside secrets and taboos, and expose their most hidden fears and desires. The season also sheds light on the situation resulting from confinement due to the pandemic, forcing each couple and Guralnik herself to examine the profound changes they experience on a daily basis.

'Buscarse la vida en Brooklyn' - Premiere - May 24 (Movistar Series)

Movistar + also premieres this May 'Buscarse la vida en Brooklyn', a 10-episode semi-autobiographical comedy Created, written and starring comedians Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman who play fictional versions of themselves. Dan (Dan Perlman) and Kevin (Kevin Iso) are two friends from the same neighborhood, lifelong colleagues, looking to move beyond their bland routine and struggling to get ahead in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The day-to-day of this pair of millennials in a marginal neighborhood environment and with indie aesthetics will give rise to all kinds of gags, reflections and social criticism such as those related to hipsters, mental health problems and the growing wave of gentrification.

'Black Monday' - Season 3 - May 24 (Movistar Series)

In these new episodes, which will be released to those in the US, Blair begins his political rise as a New York State congressman thanks to the intercession of the governedry from the conversion therapy preacher as Dawn serves her final days of sentence after pleading the brilliant guilty to orchestrating Black Monday. Keith positions himself as the new Lehman 'brother'. Mo consolidates his leadership in the newly minted The Mo Co. What awaits him and his gang of losers remains to be seen.

By the end of the second season, Blair became a New York State Congressman. thanks to the intercession of the governor and the preacher of conversion therapies. Dawn was serving time after pleading brilliantly guilty of orchestrating Black Monday. Keith positioned himself as the new Lehman 'brother' and Mo sat enjoying his freedom as supreme leader of the newly minted The Mo Co, waiting for a new opportunity. What awaits him and his gang of losers remains to be seen.

'Music' - Premiere - May 26

Pop star Sia debuts as Writer and director in this musical drama starring Kate Hudson and young Maddie Ziegler, the iconic dancer from her video clips 'Chandelier' or 'The Greatest "'. The versatile Sia presents 10 unreleased songs and performs some of them on 'Music', in which well-known names from film and television such as Lena Dunham or Juliette Lewis.

'Welcome to Chechnya' - Premiere - May 16 (Movistar CineDoc & Roll)

In 2016, Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, intends to carry out a "blood cleansing" through a government campaign based on arresting, torturing and executing any Chechen who may be part of LGBTIQ + collective. Since then, a group of activists has stood up to the repressive homophobic movement by putting their own lives at risk. David France ('How to survive an epidemic'), directs 'Welcome to Chechnya', a documentary thriller that follows these brave Russian activists as they attempt to drive LGTBIQ + people out of the country with the help of an international network. France films harrowing escape journeys using hidden cameras and also shows the shelters where these people are safe. Furthermore, to ensure the anonymity of these political refugees, the director digitally alters their faces using the 'deepfake' technique. 'Welcome to Chechnya' got on the 'shortlist' of the Oscars 2021 and has won awards at festivals such as Sundance (Special Jury Prize), Hot Docs and the Berlinale.


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