Reyal Urbis, Isolux Corsán and Nozar once again form the podium of the companies most indebted to the Treasury



The Tax Agency has published the update of its list of defaulters in which they include individuals and companies. In the latter case, the list does not present great news on the companies' podium. Thus, the real estate developer Reyal Urbis, in bankruptcy since 2013, returns to top the list of 341 million euros due to the Treasury, just two less than in the previous year.
In second place is the construction company Isolux Corsán
with the same amount owed as last year. While the podium is completed by the real estate Nozar SA

It follows them, The Cordovan businessman's group of companies, Rafael Gómez, known as 'Sandokán', who through Arenal 2000 de Inversiones (12.06 million), Arenal 2000 (64.9 million) and Arenal 2001 (71.93 million) owes a total of 150 million to the Tax agency.

Although by unique volume of company, the fourth place is awarded by the Prasa Group, the also Andalusian construction company that owes the treasury about 98 million euros.

As in the cases recited so far, the first line of endorsed companies is full of regulars, many of them in bankruptcy for several years. As are also the cases of Martinsa Fadesa bankrupt since 2008 or New Rumasa that he still owes more than nine million euros.

Because of the more than 7,270 million euros that all the members of the list owe, more than half refers to debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, so, according to sources from the Tax agency, It is debt affected by a process in which the possibilities of effective collection of debts are limited while the bankruptcy process itself lasts. In the previous list, the proportion was lower, with just over 6,800 million euros (48%) and more than 1,480 debtors, 38% of the total.

New entries

As new companies that enter the list, the incorporation of the home delivery company stands out Glovo to which the Treasury claims 1,390,000 euros.

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