Revilla sees requests from Cantabria satisfied with the de-escalation plan

The president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, has assured, after learning about the de-escalation plan presented by Pedro Sánchez, that “in the absence of concretion” on its application, the requests of the autonomous community “are satisfied” with the decisions taken to get out of confinement.

In fact, Revilla even trusts that some of the requests made by Cantabria “are already included in the so-called phase 0, which will begin on May 4, such as authorization to care for orchards, fishing on the coast or the play sports like surfing. “

“Generally speaking, music sounds familiar to me,” Revilla said in a statement after listening to the planning announced by the Prime Minister.

Revilla has opined that this plan “reinforces” the thesis that he himself has raised in the last meetings of the Conference of Presidents that “it is possible to assume a certain risk to recover economic activity, given that the favorable evolution of the pandemic in Spain, and particularly in Cantabria, is a reality, as the data of the last days reflects. ”

The Cantabrian president expects that in the next few days the position of departure from Cantabria will be specified in his particular journey towards the progressive recovery of normality, although he has again asked Pedro Sánchez for a greater participation of the autonomous communities in decision-making . “No one knows the reality of a territory better than the president and those of us who live here,” he says.

For Revilla, “it is not normal” that the regional leaders lack “prior information” on issues that affect their communities and find out on television whether or not their approaches are taken into account.


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