May 14, 2021

Revilla believes that it would be a “scandal” that the Government kept VAT

The president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla (PRC), has labeled “scandal” that the Government of Spain kept the 2017 VAT money owed to the autonomous communities and proposes that those State General Budgets include those games to unclog the problem.

Revilla, to questions from journalists during the celebration of Wetlands Day in Santoña, has stressed, as warned in Parliament last Monday, that the regional executive will go to justice if “after a reasonable period” does not receive the 42 million euros corresponding to the settlement of the last VAT monthly payment of 2017.

“Without being fairly logical, they will not force us to go to court because the judges can give a stick to the Government of Spain,” said Revilla, who sets the example that it is like “if a person has a collector and he stays with the money”.

“It is a usurpation of funds,” said the Cantabrian president, while recalling that Cantabria and other autonomous communities “do not have the power” to collect that tax, which falls to the State.

“In his opinion, it is” a brutality of money for Cantabria “that has to be charged.” And we are going to charge, “added Revilla, who sees an advantage in the fact that other autonomous communities are” in the same boat ” when requesting this settlement jointly.

“It is not the claim of a small community such as Cantabria as it happens with the Valdecilla Hospital and other issues that are isolated claims,” ​​he said.


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