March 7, 2021

Review of “Innocence”: From girl to woman ★★★★ ✩

Director: Lucia Alemany. Script: Laia Soler and L. Alemany. Interpreters: Carmen Arrufat, Laia Marull, Sergi López, Joel Bosqued. Spain, 2019. Duration: 92 minutes Drama.

Here is a model “coming of age” anchored in the tradition of the most fierce and traditional Hispanic customs, which portrays the decisive summer of Lis’s adolescence (amazing Carmen Arrufat, without trap or cardboard) with a truth that cries out to heaven. In his debut in the film, Lucía Alemany shows that the town parties are known by heart, the rumorology that triggers any gesture, word or what the viperine languages ​​describe as bad companies, and also those parents at the table and empire shirt (tremendous Sergi López) and those fearful but yearning mothers (fantastic Laia Marull), with the back of her eyes lit by the desire to look like who they shouldn’t. It could be said that there is nothing in “Innocence” that catches us by surprise, but perhaps it is because it is so faithful to the reality of its archetypes that it looks like a piece of life stolen from a town in Castellón, with that atmosphere of street compadreo among teenagers combined with a spirit of oppressive vigilance and gossip, with dreams of freedom embodied in a circus school in the big city and the fear of having screwed up that makes Lis mature when she has to decide whether or not to lie to Your parents about your pregnancy. We have seen its history a lot of times, but what makes it new and exciting is the freshness of its dialogues, the truth that most everyday situations convey, and, above all, its stubbornness in not judging any of its characters, no matter how cafes, macho, chafarderos or reckless they may seem.


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