March 5, 2021

Review of “Children of the sea”: In the beginning was the water ★★★★ ✩

director: Ayumu Watanabe. Script: Daisuke Igarashi (author of the manga) and Hanasaki Kino. Music: Joe Hisaishi Japan, 2020. Duration: 111 minutes. Animation.

What a strange film, so poetic, so spiritual and beautiful visually speaking, especially when its creators dive us deep into the ocean surrounded by rare and light-filled beings, and also when they look at the night sky, sometimes Red as anger. Because, probably, “all the stars emerged from the sea,” warns director Ayumu Watanabe, until now eminently focused on television products. Ruka is a teenager whose parents have separated. He works at the local aquarium, hence the young woman spends much of the time between fish-filled ponds, in the pools watching dolphins and seals, on the beach. Ruka is lonely, a young woman who always wonders why everything and existence exists. Of his mood swings, that at home there is always a bag with empty beer cans.

Summer begins, although the girl has nothing to do … until she meets Umi and Sora, brothers who do not look like this world, who were raised by dugongs, creatures that live in the water, and whose bodies to Hard sentences can survive away from permanent moisture. With a clear environmental message, history, let’s not forget that it is a debut, sometimes it takes its quirky and original proposal by some paths that baffle the viewer. It does not matter, however, when the drunkenness of colors, of brightness, of incandescent swirls occurs. Deep down, from that same seabed, it is a story of love and different maturity, those that can never be forgotten for many years that pass and although the other, so different from ourselves, is no longer. But nobody ever leaves at all, something Ruka knows very well. And the waves never lie.


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