August 11, 2020

Reverend Jesse Jackson calls for a "coalition" of Hispanics and African Americans

The reverend and civil rights activist in the United States Jesse Jackson urged Hispanics and African-Americans on Tuesday to join a "coalition" to fight for their "dignity" and boost their interests.

"Our future is in a coalition," Jackson said during an intervention on the second and final day of the Hispanic Leadership Summit held this week at the United Nations headquarters.

For the historic African-American leader, "blacks and Latinos are blood brothers and sisters" and must work together.

"Black people must learn to speak Spanish. Latinos must learn to speak English. We have to listen to each other," he insisted.

Jackson, who in the 1980s was a Democratic presidential candidate, stressed that African-Americans and Hispanics have the power to choose the next White House tenant.

"There is no city that blacks and Latinos cannot win if they vote together," he said, insisting that traditionally oppressed groups have to mobilize electorally if they want to gain power.

In that sense, he appealed to solidarity within these communities and stressed that true "wealth" is "collective integrity" and not money.

"Blacks should not build slave ships and Latinos should not build the Wall," he said in reference to President Donald Trump's project for the southern border of the country, with which he was very critical.

Jackson participated in a conversation with the New York Times columnist Bret Stephens within the Hispanic Leadership Summit, an event organized by the We Are All Human Foundation.

On this second day, the Summit analyzed among other issues the role of Hispanics in the world of technology and the need to promote training in that field and heard the experiences of artists such as Panamanian Erika Ender – responsible for success among others " Despacito "by Luis Fonsi- and the composer and producer Desmond Child – who among many other songs wrote" Livin 'la Vida Loca "by Ricky Martin-.

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