July 14, 2020

Reveal the entire chat of the Government of Puerto Rico that generated controversy

The entire content of a chat of members of the Executive of Puerto Rico in which they make fun of other officials, use profanity and talk about different issues, cause of a government crisis, was revealed in its entirety this Saturday.

The 889 pages of the controversial chat contained in the Telegram messaging system were revealed by the Center for Investigative Journalism after obtaining the full document from an anonymous source.

The messages begin in December 2018 and arrive until the end of January 2019.

The island's media publish links to which the document can be accessed, which together with the arrests last Wednesday of several former officials and government contractors of Ricardo Rossello have caused an unprecedented crisis.

Rossello, who faced the magnitude of the events returned from Europe of his vacation, offered a press conference on Thursday night in which he apologized for his participation in the chat, but made it clear that he would not resign.

The extensive Telegram chat reveals the attempt to get a favorable image in the media, among other issues.

Excerpts from the chat had already been revealed during the past days, which caused an impact by including sexist and sexist expressions, as well as direct insults against people from the public life of the island and the attempt to discredit political opponents.

The chat is headed by Rosselló himself, who is joined by the former Secretary of Public Affairs of the Government, Ramón Rosario; the legal ex-adviser of the Executive, Alfonso Orona; the publicist Edwin Miranda, and the representative of the governor in the Federal Board of Fiscal Control, Christian Sobrino.

The list of participants also includes the secretary of the government, Ricardo Llerandi; the Secretary of State, Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín, and the Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Maldonado, among others.

The mayor of San Juan is one of the people who suffer the attacks, but also charges against candidates for the governorship by the opposition Popular Democratic Party (PDP) as Roberto Prats and Eduardo Bhatia.

One of the extracts refers to the former president of the New York City Council Melissa Mark Viverito, who expressed her rejection of the position of the president of the Democratic Party in the United States, Tom Pérez, of supporting the annexation of the island to the United States.

Rossello says about the official: "Our people must go out to defend Tom and fall on this whore."

The former Puerto Rican police officer Arnaldo Claudio announced that he has sent information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the allegations against him in the government chat.

The press is not left out of the chat either, since journalist Jay Fonseca and Benjamín Torres Gotay are also insulted.

On Wednesday, six former government employees and contractors related to the awarding of contracts to the BDO consultant by the Department of Education and the Health Insurance Administration (ASES) were arrested.

The arrests occur due to alleged cases of corruption involving contracts worth more than $ 15 million with the Department of Education and 2.5 million with ASES.

Public Affairs Secretary of the Government of Puerto Rico, Anthony Maceira, told a news conference on Friday that Rossello "is certain that there will be changes" and that it will be in the next few days when he analyzes what changes will be made in his Executive.

"He wants to clean up everything that needs to be changed," said Maceira, after excusing Rossello's participation in the press conference due to the agenda.

Maceira participated throughout the day in a meeting chaired by the governor to analyze the situation in which the members of the Executive, the PNP legislators and the mayors of municipalities governed by that formation took part.

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