Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Return to Serranillos, the place where Hinault disarmed Gorospe

Serranillos is just a second port. A detail in a 21-day race, but it is also part of the legend of the Tour. That port, which rises above 1,500 meters after ascending that of Pedro Bernardo, first, is part of the history of the Tour. Serranillos is the place where Bernard Hinault completely disarmed Julián Gorospe on May 6, 1983. The place where “El Caimán” won the Tour. A victory from which Gorospe never recovered and from which he had a hard time doing.

Hinault's efforts to win the Tour prevented him from running the Tour of that year and also winning that of the following year. His absence caused the dazzling appearance of a young 22-year-old heir, Laurent Fignon, his partner in the Renault team. The same man who had helped him bust the race at Serranillos.

Gorospe only had ten seconds of advantage before starting the stage, but disappeared completely from the general classification. Hinault, that he had secured the leader's jersey, then still yellow, did not conform and The sprint was also imposed on the Velodrome of the Adolfo Suárez de Ávila stadium in Lejarreta and Belda.

Hinault gave rise to the legend of the Sierra de Ávila. Two years later Perico would invent the one in the Sierra de Madrid with a similar maneuver to win the Robert Millar Tour.

36 years later the cyclists meet again with the port of Serranillos. And with that of the Peña Negra, the last one they have to ascend before facing the climb to the Gredos platform.

They will also do it in unfavorable conditions, with rain and cold, the least convenient for Alejandro Valverde. Although the world champion is hurt in his pride after what happened in the last stage and the words of Superman Lopez. "This is the world champion we have," he said. And that is what Alejandro intends to demonstrate, what kind of world champion he is.

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