Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Retirees may leave home to collect pension

Police reassure seniors and ask for caution when going to bank offices

The deputy operational director of the National Police, the chief commissioner José Ángel González, has released this Wednesday a “message of tranquility” to the elderly, who have asked that respect the preventive measures against coronavirus by going to collect your pensions from bank offices.

In the press conference that the technical team of the government crisis management committee offers daily, González recalled that, although the entities “have provided facilities to advance the collection or to do it ‘online’ so as not to go to the office if it is not necessary ”, the pensioners who need to process it in person “They can do it normally”.

The main commissioner, who has highlighted the “special relationship” that exists between the National Police and the banking sector thanks to the “Red Azul” communication system, has stressed that those who want to go to branches must respect the conditions set by the royal decree , that is to say, go “individually, except for dependent persons, and keep the safety distance”.

Likewise, although the Police will maintain the traditional surveillance device that enables for these dates, it has advised the elderly not to get carried away by this exceptional situation and to remain alert to avoid possible thefts.

“Crime does not rest. Be wary of people who approach you and who, under any pretext, want to strike up a conversation with you. They may be victims of a crime such as theft, “said González. EFE


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